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Dear Friends,

We extend a warm welcome to you to URTeC 2024, where we highlight the oil and gas industry's current positioning for dynamic growth and innovation. Amid recent fluctuations in oil prices and notable industry events, oil and gas majors are surging into 2024 with increased synergies from recent mergers and acquisitions, stabilizing their position in the energy security space.

This year's program is exceptionally diverse and compelling, reflecting the industry's evolving landscape. With 186 oral presentations and 89 alternate papers, the focus remains on fostering collaboration and integration across subsurface G&G disciplines, geomechanics, formation evaluation, wellhead design, completion design, enhanced recovery, production forecasting, and the crucial environmental, social, and corporate governance factors. Attendees can also choose from 6 special sessions, 3 panel sessions, and 6 topical lunch presentations.

The exhibition hall showcases a diverse array of over 130 companies, organizations, and educational institutions, unveiling cutting-edge research and technology that mirrors recent achievements in unconventional reservoir development. Our collective goal is to elevate production efficiency while upholding environmental stewardship and nurturing positive connections with local communities. By aiding in providing a sound base for the energy transformation, we recognize the industry's resilience and adaptability. We are enthusiastic about confronting present challenges and capitalizing on opportunities, renewing our commitment to providing innovative, clean, and affordable energy solutions that align with the evolving demands of the world.

URTeC continuously stands as the prime platform where professionals in unconventional resources converge to expand horizons with new approaches and technologies. This collaborative environment not only fosters the development of efficient and synergistic teams but also ensures the long-term success of companies, ultimately leading to better results. Learning from the exchange of ideas and fostering collaboration are fundamental elements in securing a more efficient and inclusive energy future for all, benefiting both the professionals involved and the communities we serve.

Embrace the conference, and may it be a source of valuable insights and enriching experiences for you!

Technical Program Co-Chairs

icon Johannes Alvarez Chevron
icon Scott W. Singleton Reservoir Characterization Consultant
icon Andrew Lewis Fairfield Geotechnologies
icon Katerina Yared Projeo Corporation


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