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Congratulations to the URTeC 2023 Best Paper Award Winners! Each year one highly ranked paper is selected from each technical program theme as a recognized outstanding contribution to the program. We would like to honor those winners for their participation.

Theme 1: Operators’ Forum: Case Studies Highlighting the Multidisciplinary Approach to Exploration, Appraisal, Pilot Tests, and Development

Kay Warner

Co-Authors: Kim Owens, Hannah Chittenden, Michael Schult, Casey Cox, Dane Byrd, Palmer Van Buskirk, Travis Payeur, Sean Machovoe

Using Disposable Fiber to Monitor Simulfrac Stimulation Fracture Growth

Theme 2: Advanced Formation Evaluation

Son T. Dang

Co-Authors: Elizabeth G. Krukowski, Michael J. Dick, Dragan Veselinovic, Rafael Mendoza, Rayvan Watson, Chandra Rai, Carl Sondergeld

Understanding NMR Responses of Different Rock-fluid Components Within Organic-rich Argillaceous Rocks: Comparison Study Across 2, 12, and 20 MHz Spectroscopy

Theme 3: Geological Characterization and Evaluation Spanning the E&P Lifecycle

Franco Vittore

Co-Authors: Patricio Desjardins, Diego T. Licitra

Geological Characterization of Vaca Muerta Fm. Through Virtual Outcrops Technology, Neuquén Basin, Argentina

Theme 4: Geophysical Reservoir Analysis

Joseph Mjehovich

Co-Authors: Aishwarya Srinivasan, Wen Wang, Kan Wu, Ge Jin

Quantitative Analysis of HFTS-2 Completion Designs Using Cross-well Strain Measurement

Theme 5: Geomechanics – The Intersection of Geoscience and Engineering

Jichao Han

Co-Authors: Yu Zhao, Han (Jake) Li, Jiasen Tan, Fadila Bessa, Shunhua Liu, Vinay Sahni, Sriram Pudugramam, Xueying Xie, Hamid Behzadi

A Comprehensive Simulation Study of Hydraulic Fracturing Test Site 2 (HFTS-2): Part II – Development Optimization in the Delaware Basin Using an Integrated Modeling Workflow

Theme 6: Subsurface Geochemistry including Rock-Fluid and Fluid-Fluid Interactions

Abhishek Sarmah

Co-Authors: Isaiah Z. Ataceri, Rohan Vijapurapu, Jingjing Zhang, Hadi Nasrabadi, David Schechter

Rock and Fluid-based Correlation to Describe Surfactant Molecular Structure's Impact on Spontaneous Imbibition Experiments' Performance

Theme 7: Applications of Data Science

Niven Shumaker

Machine-learning Assisted Induced Seismicity Characterization and Forecasting of the Ellenburger Formation in Northern Midland Basin

Theme 8: Unlocking the Production and Recovery Potential

Michael Cronin

Co-Authors: Edward C. Wanat, Thomas A. Blasingame

PVT Correlations for Unconventional Reservoir Fluids - Bridging Lab and Field Applications

Theme 9: Reserves Estimation and Production Forecasting

Eric Bryan

Co-Authors: Rex Richard, Connor Holasek,Nima Hosseinpour-Zonoozi, Dilhan Ilk, Charles Melvin, Kevin Eichinger, Brian Rankosky, Brian Ingalls, Sam French, Ken Day

Integrated Well Performance Analysis Methodology to Understand Production Performance and Identify Refracturing Candidates in Barnett Shale


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