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Johannes Alvarez Johannes Alvarez Program Chair Chevron
Scott W. Singleton Scott Singleton Program Chair Reservoir Characterization Consultant
Andrew Jude Lewis Andrew Lewis Program Chair Fairfield Geotechnologies
Katerina Yared Katerina Yared Program Chair Orka Switch Solutions LLC
Isaac Aviles Isaac Aviles Theme Chair Schlumberger
Craig Cipolla Craig Cipolla Theme Chair Hess Corporation
Luis R. Baez Luis Baez Theme Chair ConocoPhillips
Didi Mey Ooi Didi Ooi Theme Chair Occidental Petroleum
Amit Singh Amit Singh Theme Chair Chevron
Stanley Scott Birkhead Scott Birkhead Theme Chair Petrobrane Petrophysical Consulting
Yulia Faulkner Yulia Faulkner Theme Chair Premier Oilfield Group
Baosheng Liang Baosheng Liang Theme Chair Chevron Energy Tech. Co.
David William Hume David Hume Theme Chair CarbonScale Solutions
Jose F. Delgado Jose Delgado Theme Chair ConocoPhillips
Matthew Troy Poole Matthew Poole Theme Chair Shell Exploration and Production
Jayne Alexandra Sloan Ali Sloan Theme Chair Core Geologic
Andrew Munoz Andrew Munoz Theme Chair Fuego Exploration
Marianne  Rauch Marianne Rauch Theme Chair TGS
Orlando Jose Teran Orlando Teran Theme Chair ConocoPhillips
Andrew Keene Andrew Keene Theme Chair SM Energy Company
Ahmad Ghassemi Ahmad Ghassemi Theme Chair The University of Oklahoma
Ruiting Wu Ruiting Wu Theme Chair Chevron
Yunhui Tan Yunhui Tan Theme Chair Chevron
Qin Ji Qin Ji Theme Chair Occidental Petroleum
Denise Benoit Denise Benoit Theme Chair XGS Energy
Jason Jweda Jason Jweda Theme Chair ConocoPhillips
Craig Barrie Craig Barrie Theme Chair Applied Petroleum Technology
Wei Wang Wei Wang Theme Chair Chevron
Birol Dindoruk Birol Dindoruk Theme Chair University of Houston
Eduardo Gilden Eduardo Gilden Theme Chair Texas A&M University
Sebastien F. Matringe Seb Matringe Theme Chair Hess Corporation
Yongshe Liu Yongshe Liu Theme Chair ConocoPhillips
George Koperna George Koperna Theme Chair Advanced Resources Int'l Inc
Hosein Kalaei Hosein Kalaei Theme Chair ConocoPhillips
Bin Yuan Bin Yuan Theme Chair China University of Petroleum
Alejandro Lerza Alejandro Lerza Theme Chair Chevron
Alexsandra  Martinez Alexsandra Martinez Theme Chair DeGolyer and MacNaughton
Yogashri Pradhan Yogashri Pradhan Theme Chair Chevron
Katie Essary Katie Essary Theme Chair Chevron
Susan Howes Susan Howes Theme Chair Subsurface Consultants & Associates, LLC
Douglas Nelson Valleau Doug Valleau Plenary Session Subcommittee Co-Chair Strategia Innovation & Technology Advisors, LLC
Jay Stratton Jay Stratton Plenary Session Subcommittee Co-Chair Fossil Energy Tech
Jayne Alexandra Sloan Ali Sloan Plenary Session Subcommittee Co-Chair Core Geologic
Eugene Garth Rhodes Skip Rhodes Plenary Session Subcommittee Co-Chair Unconventional Resources Consultant
Luis R. Baez Luis Baez Plenary Session Subcommittee Co-Chair ConocoPhillips
Hao H. Sun Hao Sun Panels Sessions Subcommittee Co-Chair Chevron
Andrew Munoz Andrew Munoz Panels Sessions Subcommittee Co-Chair Fuego Exploration
Rosa Maria Aguilar Sanchez-Dehesa Rosa Aguilar Sanchez-Dehesa Panels Sessions Subcommittee Co-Chair Repsol
Alejandro Lerza Alejandro Lerza Panels Sessions Subcommittee Co-Chair Chevron
Susan Smith Nash Susan Nash Panels Sessions Subcommittee Co-Chair aapg
Mohan Manohar Mohan Manohar Panels Sessions Subcommittee Co-Chair Repsol
Jessica Giles-Boardman Jessica Giles-Boardman Special Sessions Subcommittee Co-Chair
Ahmad Ghassemi Ahmad Ghassemi Special Sessions Subcommittee Co-Chair The University of Oklahoma
Yuguang Chen Yuguang Chen Special Sessions Subcommittee Co-Chair Chevron
Yulia Faulkner Yulia Faulkner Special Sessions Subcommittee Co-Chair Premier Oilfield Group
Stanley Scott Birkhead Scott Birkhead Special Sessions Subcommittee Co-Chair Petrobrane Petrophysical Consulting
Denise Benoit Denise Benoit Special Sessions Subcommittee Co-Chair XGS Energy
Susan Smith Nash Susan Nash New Technology Showcase Subcommittee Co-Chair aapg
David William Hume David Hume New Technology Showcase Subcommittee Co-Chair CarbonScale Solutions
Hao H. Sun Hao Sun New Technology Showcase Subcommittee Co-Chair Chevron
Isaac Aviles Isaac Aviles New Technology Showcase Subcommittee Co-Chair Schlumberger
Alexsandra  Martinez Alexsandra Martinez Awards Subcommittee Co-Chair DeGolyer and MacNaughton
Birol Dindoruk Birol Dindoruk Awards Subcommittee Co-Chair University of Houston
Yunhui Tan Yunhui Tan Awards Subcommittee Co-Chair Chevron
Craig Barrie Craig Barrie Awards Subcommittee Co-Chair Applied Petroleum Technology
Olivia Paige Woodruff Olivia Woodruff Plenary Session Subcommittee Co-Chair Kimmeridge Energy

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