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Morning Oral Presentations

Introductory Remarks
Maximizing Stimulation Volume in the Permian Using High Resolution Microseismic Analysis
E. Barrow*1, E. Marlow1, C. Jameson2, J. H. Stephens2 (1. ESG Solutions Inc.; 2. Sabinal Energy LLC)
New Methods for Assessment of Permeability and Saturation-Dependent Relative Permeability in Tight Rock Samples
S. Dash*, Z. Heidari (Petroleum Engineering, The University of Texas at Austin)
Improved Reservoir Characterization of Bakken-Three Forks Integrating Special Core Analysis and Petrophysics
S. Bose*1, A. Rodriguez1, J. Hamman2, V. Smellie3, C. Miranda1, J. Miller1 (1. Hess Corporation; 2. Independent Consultant; 3. Petrophysical Solutions Inc.)
Introductory Remarks
EIA-EMP-EMS Integration for Bowland Shale Gas Development in Yorkshire, Northern England
B. Bassey* (Energy and Power, Cranfield University)
Unpacking the Uinta Basin: The Next Great Oil Play?
J. Sigler*2, L. Fidler2, T. Cross1 (1. Novi Labs; 2. XCL Resources)
The Permian Lyons Sandstone Central Denver Basin: An Emerging CCS Reservoir
S. A. Sonnenberg*, R. Alzahrani, C. Matson (Geology, Colorado School of Mines)
Introductory Remarks
Microfluidic Investigation of Magnetically Enhanced Oil Recovery
F. AlNasser*, G. Zhang, A. Kovscek (Stanford University)
Assessing the Impact of Oriented Perforating Strategies and Frac Plug Performance in DJ Basin Wells Using High-Resolution Acoustic Imaging
T. Pehlke*1, G. Simpson1, T. Maxwell1, M. Paradeis2 (1. DarkVision Technologies; 2. Chevron)
Application of Deformable Diverters in Improved Well Stimulation, Well Remediations, and Chemical Placement
D. R. Dreyer, C. Mazon*, M. Lantz, P. Kurian (Finoric LLC)
Introductory Remarks
Integrate Data Analytics with Engineering Workflows to Deliver Business Value: Application of Explainable AI to Estimate Lateral Length Scaling Factors for Field Development and Planning in the Delaware Basin
Y. Ben*, T. Boulis, P. Cable, J. Park, S. Esmaili (Occidental)
Using Machine Learning to Automate FDI Analysis
R. D. Thompson*, L. Legel, T. Hanlon (Momentum AI, LLC)
A Novel Fusion: Integrating Artificial Neural Networks and Production Fit Models for Swift and Coherent Data-Physics Predictive Modeling of a Mature Oil Field in Texas
C. M. Calad Serrano*1, P. Sarma2, F. Ospina2, J. Rafiee2 (1. Management, Tachyus Corp; 2. Research, Tachyus Corp)
Introductory Remarks
Midland Basin Integrated Diagnostic Insights on Plug Isolation and Selection
T. Wien*1, M. Jones1, Y. Zhao1, K. Smith1, C. Nwabuoku1, C. Ortega2 (1. Occidental; 2. Ecopetrol Permian LLC)
Building Well and Fluid-Specific Pipe Friction Curves, Monitoring Perforation Cluster Efficiency During Stimulation, and Measuring Near-Wellbore Tortuosity Using Acoustic Friction Analysis
E. M. Dunham1, 2, S. Rahimi-Aghdam*2, J. Zhang2, N. Crawford2, C. L. Cipolla3, M. McKimmy3, J. Lassek3 (1. Stanford University; 2. Seismos; 3. HESS Corporation)
Repeat DAS and DTS Logging for Production and Cluster Efficiency Evaluation on a Gas Condensate Producer in the Montney Formation
P. Dawson1, E. Jimenez*1, V. Mahue1, J. Kitchen2, M. Mehrok2, R. B. Zinselmeyer2, B. Wygal1, T. Chuckry1 (1. Silixa Ltd.; 2. Arc Resources)
Introductory Remarks
Marcellus Field Development Optimization: Multi-Bench Evaluation in Bradford County, PA
J. Zaghloul2, R. Wagner Alvarado*1, T. Glauser1, C. Morgan1, P. Crump1, A. Mercer1, M. Mantell1, D. Ratcliff3, G. Fowler3, M. McClure3 (1. Chesapeake Energy Corporation; 2. Continental Resources; 3. ResFrac Corporation)
A Case Study of Bakken Development Optimization with Complex Constraints
C. Pearson2, S. Strickland2, J. Rondon1, D. Ratcliff1, G. Fowler*1 (1. ResFrac; 2. Liberty Resources)
Environmental and Economic Benefits of Using Produced Water for Hydraulic Fracturing in the Bakken
K. Erickson*1, D. Crane1, D. Lansford1, J. Leavitt1, J. Slagle1, K. Liska1, E. Fry2, J. Krieg2 (1. Continental Resources, Inc.; 2. Chemstream)
Introductory Remarks
Effective Fracture Geometry Analysis Based on Data of Well Production, Pressure Gauge, and Strain Change of HFTS 1-III in Eagle Ford Shale
F. N. Almarzoog*1, K. Wu1, G. Jin2 (1. Texas A&M University; 2. Colorado School of Mines)
Forward Modeling of Hydraulic Stimulation and Fiber Signatures in Utah FORGE 2024
R. Ratnayake*, A. Ghassemi (School of Petroleum and Geological Engineering, University of Oklahoma)
Hydraulic Stimulation in a Tight Gas Reservoir: Insights From Microseismic and Geomechanical Modeling and Interpretation
C. Rabe*1, P. Roux1, M. Torrejon2, L. Vernengo2, L. Linares1, D. Lachter1 (1. Consulting, Baker Hughes; 2. Geophysics, Pan American Energy)
Introductory Remarks
New Experimental Method for Enhanced and Fast Saturation of Irregular-Shaped Tight Rock Samples
S. Dash*, Z. Heidari (Petroleum Engineering, The University of Texas at Austin)
Use of the RTAPK Core Analysis Method to Evaluate the Impact of Matrix Heterogeneity on Flow-regime Signatures and Permeability Estimation
N. Rahimof1, M. Shabani2, A. Ghanizadeh2, C. Song*2, C. Clarkson2 (1. Chemical and Petroleum Engineering, University of Calgary; 2. Earth, Energy, and Environment, University of Calgary)
Experimental Studies of Pore Connectivity, Liquid Imbibition, and Gas Diffusivity in Niobrara Formation, Denver Basin, Colorado
O. Azike*1, Q. Hu1, 2 (1. Earth and Environmental Sciences, The University of Texas at Arlington; 2. Porous Media and Energy Geosciences, China University of Petroleum)
Resolving Petrophysical Challenges in a Complex, Heterogeneous Tight Sandstone Reservoir: A Case Study of the Cretaceous Lower Goru Formation in the Middle Indus Basin, Southwest Pakistan
M. Khan*, T. Khan*, M. Khan* (Earth & Environmental , Bahria University)
Introductory Remarks
Mapping Oil-Prone Facies in 3D for Field Development and Optimizing Production: A Midland Basin Case Study
P. Bhatnagar*1, V. Anantharamu1, R. Bianco2 (1. Ikon Science; 2. Fasken Oil and Ranch)
A Case Study on the Emergence of the Barnett Shale in the Midland Basin, Ector County, Texas
A. Lewis*1, T. Mackay1, A. Bell2, B. Bracken3 (1. Fairfield Geotechnologies; 2. Andrew D. Bell Exploration Inc.; 3. Ares Energy)
Regional Pore Pressure Variations of the Wolfcamp, Dean, Spraberry, and Bone Spring Formations of the Midland and Delaware Basins in the US
S. Bhattacharya*, R. Eastwood, K. Smye, S. Moonesan, B. J. Casey, D. Hoffman (Bureau of Economic Geology, The University of Texas at Austin)
Unlocking Shale Potential by Including Seismic Data Into Drilling and Production Decisions
M. Rauch*1, M. Mayer1, D. Langton2, J. Bedell3 (1. TGS; 2. Devon Energy; 3. Devon Energy)
Introductory Remarks
Optimizing Reservoir Coverage: A Comprehensive Study of Completion Design and Well Spacing in the Permian Midland Basin Using Acoustic Sensing Technology
J. Coronado*1, J. Brosig1, M. Khan2, N. Crawford2, S. Gabel2, J. Kroschel2 (1. Double Eagle Energy; 2. Seismos)
A Physics-Based Approach to Characterize Productivity Loss in the Haynesville Shale
C. Jongeling1, J. Ryan1, C. Ponners*2, D. Wytovich1, J. Miller1, J. Jackson1, M. McClure2, G. Fowler2 (1. Chesapeake Energy Corporation; 2. ResFrac Corporation)
Introductory Remarks
Porosity, Permeability, and Rock Mechanics Characteristics of Deep Shales Under High-Temperature and High-Pressure Conditions
C. Sun*2, 1, H. Nie2, 1, W. Du2, 1, Z. Hu1 (1. Petroleum Exploration and Production Institution of Sinopec; 2. National Key Laboratory of Shale Oil and Gas Enrichment Mechanisms and Efficient Development)
Beyond Single-Well Productivity: Integrating Geological Data and Economic Metrics for Estimating Prospectivity and Running Room of the Montney Play in Western Canada
H. Galvis*, K. Reich, T. Rix, D. Gregoris, C. Krynowsky (Intelligence Research, Enverus)
Geological Controls and Characteristics of Shale Gas Sweet Spots in Sichuan Basin's Wufeng-Longmaxi Reservoirs
Z. Hu*, B. Shen, W. Du, Z. Liu, X. Yitian, J. Meng, D. Feng, C. Sun, T. Ye, B. Gao, R. Wang, J. Chang (Sinopec Petroleum Exploration and Production Research Institute)
Rock Physics Modeling in Unconventionals: A Midland Basin Case Study
P. Bhatnagar*1, V. Anantharamu1, R. Bianco2 (1. Ikon Science; 2. Fasken Oil and Ranch)
Introductory Remarks
Reservoir Depletion Assessment While Drilling with Advanced Mud Gas Logging
Y. Song*, B. McBrayer, R. Bone, K. McLin (ConocoPhillips)
Closed Retort Thermal Extraction Provides Enhanced Insight Towards Oil-Source Correlations: A Uinta Basin Case Study
A. Zumberge*1, J. Sigler2, L. Fidler2 (1. GeoMark Research; 2. XCL Resources)
Isotope Applications for Source Rock Evaluation
F. Lu*1, A. Azzouni2, R. A. Algeer1, M. Rowaie1 (1. Advanced Research Center, Aramco; 2. Saudi Aramco)
Molecular and Stable Isotope Geochemistry of Mixed Microbial and Thermogenic Natural Gases, Colorado Group Shales, Southeastern Alberta, Canada
C. D. Laughrey* (Geochemical Interpretive Services, Stratum Reservoir)
Introductory Remarks
Completion Optimization in Vaca Muerta Formation Using DOE, Numerical Simulation, and Statistic Models
L. Calello*, M. D. Pellicer, P. A. Crespo, A. O. Rasgido (Reservoir engineer)
Transforming Early-Stage Oil and Gas Production Forecasting with Generative AI
A. Sharma*, S. Pellegrino, S. Manikandan (Enverus)
Industry Consortium Insights: Benchmarking Bottomhole Pressure Calculations in Tight Unconventionals
M. Carlsen*1, C. H. Whitson1, 2, M. Majzoub Dahouk1, S. Liem3, N. Longenbaugh4, R. Sinha5, J. Billings6, D. P. Axelson7, A. Lerza8, B. Collins9, N. Lightner10, J. Van Dijken11, I. Arguello12 (1. Whitson AS; 2. NTNU; 3. Devon; 4. Coterra; 5. Marathon; 6. Civitas; 7. Petro-Hunt; 8. Chevron; 9. 89 Energy; 10. Camino; 11. Crescent Point Energy; 12. Reservoir Data Systems)
Introductory Remarks
An Innovative Approach to Capture Depletion Impact in Unconventional Reservoir Production Prediction Using Machine Learning and a Time-Dependent Depletion Function
E. Ortega*, K. Landry (ConocoPhillips)
Improved Unconventional Development Decisions Using Causal Inference
H. Galvis Silva*1, O. Rojas Conde2, S. Matringe3 (1. Texas A&M University; 2. Viking Engineering; 3. Hess Corporation)
Application of Deep Learning for Methane Emissions Quantification and Uncertainity Reduction From Spectrometer Images
I. Jahan*, M. Mehana, H. Viswanathan (Energy and Natural Resources Security (EES-16), Los Alamos National Laboratory)
Cluster Efficiency-Based Stimulation: Real-Time Quantified Screen Out Monitoring and Diversion Evaluation Through a Data Model Approach
R. Korkin*, A. Khan (SLB)


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