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Academia - Industry Partnership; Opportunities, Challenges, and Rewards

Tuesday, 18 June 2024, 1:30 p.m.–2:50 p.m.  |  Houston, Texas

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This panel will discuss how the combined resources from Academia & Industry have a multiplier effect, allowing new tech to be applied to benefit society, providing a well-prepared workforce. The session will explore how Academia leads in responsibility for preparing the next generation of researchers and professionals with the essential skills to advance industry and society, but highlighting that without industry, academia cannot have the real-world experience needed to remain at the cutting edge of the societal requirements. Academia provides an environment with the freedom to explore and innovate, while industry brings the resources and financial stability needed to sustain long-term research projects. This panel will tackle how Academia-industry relationship is mutually beneficial and essential.

Room Assignment:
Exhibition Hall E, Room 6
Rosa M. Aguilar Sanchez-Dehesa, Sr. Geologist and Geomodeller, Repsol
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Zoya Heidari
University of Texas, Austin
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Shaina Kelly
Columbia University
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Gretchen Gillis
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Katerina Yared
Projeo Corporation
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Academia - Industry Partnership; Opportunities, Challenges,  and Rewards
George R. Brown Convention Center
1001 Avenida De Las Americas
Houston, Texas 77010
United States
(713) 853-8000


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