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U-Pitch New Technology Showcase

Tuesday, 13 June Thursday, 15 June 2023, 11:00 a.m.–12:00 p.m.  |  Denver, Colorado

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Connecting innovative new products and services to potential new markets and funding sources, the U-Pitch New Technology Showcase at URTeC 2023 will give presenters the opportunity to explain how their new product or service improves operations, increases efficiency, or enables organizations to quickly enter new businesses. In addition to technology presentations, there will be panels of new technology scouts, investors, and accelerators.

$295 per presenter
15-minute presentation slot
Three-day pass to the exhibit hall. Appearance on the website.

How to Apply

Send an email with the following to Susan Nash

* Name of the technology
* Brief description
* Name of company
* Presenter contact information (name, affiliation, address, email)


11:00 Eric Michael, GeoChemPro
Project management tool specifically designed for managing scientific physical sample collection programs. Task management across multiple stakeholders and real time physical sample tracking using immutable ledger technology.
11:15 Dave Tonner, DWL
We will discuss what companies look for when they seek new technology, and, how successful new technologies gain acceptance in companies and build markets.
11:30 Andrey Klimushin, Rock Flow Dynamics
Is RTA and DCA enough for parent-child well interaction? Multi-domain workflow to optimize well spacing
11:45 Jeff Messer, GHD
CCUS Solutions
1:00 Amy Henry, Eunike Ventures
Eunike Ventures has developed a highly effective hybrid accelerator. We seek high value-add technologies, managed by driven entrepreneurs, who will leverage Eunike’s infrastructure to achieve success.
1:15 Dwight Bulloch, Capstone Well Integrity
Surface casing vent flow monitoring
1:30 Bob Barba, Triple R Energy Partners
A process to reduce refrac risk to operators reluctant to try organic shale refracs. Less than 1% of the 36,000 candidates in the US have been refracced by less than 5% of the operators. Increasing that share to 10% should increase US production by 1.3 million BOPD and 13 BCFD without adding a single drilling rig! Process includes employing state of the art reservoir characterization for candidate selection, employing the latest technology for the refracs, and providing capital to operators along with our expertise to maximize production at the lowest possible cost and risk to the operator.
1:45 Robert Ward, Kuva Systems
Correlating process data with time stamped images from a low-cost continuous SWIR camera to mitigate methane emissions – you have to see it to solve it!
2:00 Don Fry, 50/50 Energy, LLC
This presentation describes a new technique for drilling laterals in a way that generates additional effective porosity and permeability and lowers overall drilling and completion costs.
2:15 Christian Rooney, Juniper Unmanned, Inc.
Juniper Unmanned is proud to be an industry leader in remote sensing and data analytics. Juniper’s drone-based magnetometry is an efficient, accurate and safe alternative to traditional ground-based survey methods. Our magnetometer data quantifies the total magnetic intensity of the survey area to located buried wellheads and other large diameter materials that have a ferrous composition. This technology is very useful in locating wellheads for preconstruction surveys and many other applications.
2:30 Julia Lemaster, C3 Companies, A Carbon Consortium
Carbon sequestration project solutions from concept through funding, permitting, drilling, and injection. C3 is an experienced consortium of businesses and experts with over 15 years of CCS background that have been permitting and drilling CCS wells since 2018.
2:45 Dahl Winters, TerraNexum
OpenQGO: An Open-Access General Optimization Engine for Profitable Deployment of Clean Energy and Carbon Management Technologies
3:00 Jakob Heller, Ikon Science
Ikon Science Wells Services Team Works the Geomechanics of Rocks to Maximize Drilling Efficiencies and Production
3:15 Bob Berland, Energy Solutions Generator, LLC
RIoT: A closed loop control system for wells on pump to solve the problem of gas interferecne in downhole oilfield pumps. Pump type agnostic, ie positive displacement or centrifugal. System specifically designed to improve pump volumetric efficiency. This yields more production per stroke/revolution and lowers operating costs on a per barrel lifted basis. System is patented, and has been field trialed in North Dakota. Saw production gain of 2X on Bakken horizontal well on rod lift.
3:30 Jason Assir, EnergyGigs
Find energy freelancers and energy gigs quickly and easily
3:45 Zac Coplon and Andrew Munoz, Blue Bison
4cast is an oil and gas evaluation tool providing a simple yet powerful approach to help users make more informed decisions quickly.
4:00 Steve Tedesco, Running Foxes
Helium exploration technologies and new developments in the west
4:15 Allan Katende, Oklahoma State University
Shale permeability evolution modeling.
4:30 Akash Sharma, Enverus Ventures
Enverus Ventures: Parallelizing Innovation for New Growth Channels - Our in-house ideation and incubation division, Enverus Ventures, is focused on building and testing new products and exploring new opportunities for growth. In this talk, we'll explore how Enverus Ventures works, what its currently working on and how it's helping us stay nimble and competitive in the oil and gas industry. We'll also discuss the importance of partnering internally and externally to drive innovation and build new pathways for growth.
11:00 Gage McCoy, Qube
Qube Technologies Continuous Emissions Monitoring Solution
11:15 Thomas Smith, GeoBrines International
Our patented conformance control and improvement technology, ICIT™, is a method of “sweeping heat” more effectively from an EGS reservoir system. This concept is a high temperature adaptation of the 1980’s vintage practice of sweeping residual oil from waterfloods using viscous polymers. Our patents provide a selective treatment which injects a Calcium-rich brine and CO2 to form Calcite in high flow capacity fractures that preferentially cool the reservoir rock.
11:30 Galen Dillewyn, NuTech
East Texas, Finding what we have forgotten
11:45 Geoffrey Thyne, Esal
Increase oil recovery and lower water production with our patented technology
1:15 Eivind Moen, Comitt Well Solutions
EXCITE Technology Platform
1:30 Emilie Gentry, TEVERRA
ConvertDeck: TEVERRA has developed a well screening tool specifically for selecting the appropriate petroleum wells to convert to geothermal electricity or heat. The ConvertDeck tool takes input data associated with well design, reservoir properties, historical production, existing infrastructure, financial metrics, and more, and quantifies the potential power production and calculates cost and economic value of the geothermal resource. ConvertDeck analyzes the geothermal production for both electricity and direct-use (heating/cooling) opportunities while also examining the local utilization market potential. The tool can be used in two ways. It can identify wells that will achieve pre-determined financial requirements given the input data, or it can identify potential use case scenarios and then estimate the economic value of the different scenarios. This decreases evaluation time by combining expert analysis from multiple disciplines into one intuitive platform. Decreasing evaluation time produces faster and more cost-effective analysis.:
1:45 Scott Mildren, Tech Limit
The Tech Limit Toolbox: A workflow-based software tool used to evaluate geomechanical risk associated with site containment; also predicts, plans and monitors pore pressure and wellbore stability for drilling.
2:00 Rachael Moreland, Liberty
Foundations for Building a Product Strategy that Leads to Investment Success
2:15 Isaac Aviles, SLB
Where Are the Best Opportunities Now? Insights Into the Market for New Technologies and How to Prepare Your Approach
2:30 Denis Potapov, DGP Capital
Middle market investment bank and financial advisory firm
3:00 Andrew Snowling, Ikon Science
Ikon Science's RokDoc Leverages Proven Integrated Geoscience Workflows to Maximize E&P Production
3:15 Tadd Wallace, Universal Chemical Solutions
C3 Oil Field Services is a EOR/IOR service company. We implement our technology called Single Shot IOR. It is a waterless EOR/IOR system that we hold the patents and have the operational expertise to preform the service. Our main market is the vertical well market, and wells that are underperforming. We have done many jobs and have the data to back the service with Single Shot and C3 Oil Field Service.
3:30 Kimbra Davis, Orphaned Wells Office / Dept of Interior
Information on the $4.7 billion orphaned wells program; goals relating to plugging standards and methane emissions.
3:45 Lewis Matthews, Project Geminae
We solve the portfolio optimization problem for an oil and gas company by building a computer game of the company and then having our AI learn to play that computer game at a superhuman level
4:00 Brian Holmes, ENGAGE
Intelligent Field Operations Software (E-ticketing & E-Invoicing) - ENGAGE streamlines field-service workflows by unifying operators and oilfield service companies on a single digital platform — from ticket to invoice. ENGAGE delivers efficiency by replacing paper with actionable data, automation and real-time visibility into operations and financials. Our E-ticketing platform is the leading Oil & Gas fluids hauling solution. We help Energy companies achieve new levels of operational efficiency, productivity and financial transparency with lower costs.
4:15 Terry O'Sullivan, Vapor Condensation Technologies
In reservoirs containing condensable vapor, large and repeatable changes in Gamma Ray can be observed when a well is cooled and condensate accumulates around the well. In heavy oil steam floods, GR can increase by a factor of 100 over a period of hours as a well is cooled. GR returns to normal when the well reheats. Radon is soluble in condensate, so this dynamic method observes the transport and adsorption or diffusion of radon nanoparticles as condensate forms or vaporizes. When the transient high GR signal can be generated in a cooled well, it will precisely repeat weeks or months later - or it will identify intervals where reservoir conditions have changed. This patented method needs to be tested in unconventional reservoirs.
4:30 David Hume, PetroScale
How do I move the needle? Identifying your targets and developing plans and achievable goals
10:00 New Analytics Technologies Panel
10:30 New Drilling and Completion Technologies Panel
11:00 New Carbon Management and Environmental Technologies Panel
11:30 Critical Minerals and Future Energies Panel

URTeC is perfect for:

  • New technology seeking markets
  • Technology start-up
  • Research consortium
  • Project utilizing new technologies 

What kinds of technologies?

  • Analytics
  • Automation and robotics
  • Drilling and completion technologies
  • Drilling fluids
  • Imaging (subsurface and surface)
  • Sensor Design and Implementation
  • Drone technologies
  • Infrastructure technologies
  • Leak detection and mitigation
  • Water solutions
  • Critical minerals and brine mining
  • Geothermal
  • Carbon management solutions
  • Data management and architecture
  • Logistics and Supply chain solutions

U-Pitch Advisory Board

Isaac Aviles
Mark Hamzet Erogbogbo
Texas Star Alliance
Nabila Lazreg
David Hume
Kabirat Nasiru
Kentucky Geo. Soc.
Sean Kimiagar
Dale Larsen
New Well Tech


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