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Identification and Quantification of the Effect of Fracture-Driven Interactions on Production From Parent and Child Wells in Williston Basin
A. Latrach1, A. Merzoug2, C. Abdelhamid1, I. Mellal1, M. Rabiei1 (1. Energy and Petroleum Engineering, University of Wyoming; 2. Petroleum Engineering, University of North Dakota)
Integrated Completions Analytics Through Automated Real-Time Activity Detection In Fracturing And Wireline Operations
B. Coskuner, M. Kamyab, S. Yalamarty, P. Dharwadkar, N. Khashab, R. Schick, M. Lowder (Corva AI, LLC.)
Electrification of the Permian Basin
C. Smith, M. Rao (Upstream Consulting, S&P Global)
A Holistic Corporate Approach to Unleash Hydrocarbon Potential From Unconventional Resources in Kuwait
M. A. Al-Bahar, V. Suresh, N. Al-Ostad, A. H. Al-Najjar (Reservoir Management , Kuwait Oil Company)
A Novel Method for Evaluating the Shale Oil Movability in Laboratory by Using High-field NMR and Sequential Extraction
L. Bai1, B. Liu1, H. Xie*2 (1. Northeast Petroleum University; 2. Core Laboratories)
Dielectric Response Interpretation of Shale Rocks With Low Cation Exchange Capacity
J. A. Benavides Arancibia (Petroleum, University of Houston)
Integrated Petrophysical Characterization of Hydrocarbon Shale Unconventional Reservoirs Using a Rock Typing Approach: Case Study, Vaca Muerta Play, Neuquén Basin, Argentina
R. D. Panesso1, A. M. Quaglia2, G. A. Alzate4, J. C. Porras3 (1. Research, Inter Rock Colombia, Medellin; 2. Research, Inter Rock USA; 3. Research, Inter Rock Venezuela, Lecheria, Anzoategui; 4. Faculty of Mines / Department of Processes and Energy, Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Medellin)
Using a Drill Cuttings-based Data Approach to Predict Reservoir Performance for Improved Well Optimization. A Case Study From the Harkey Mills Sand and 2nd Bone Spring Sand, Bone Spring Formation, Lea County, New Mexico, USA
J. Speight2, I. Easow3, G. M. Oliver1 (1. Data Science, Geolog Americas Inc; 2. Operations, Marshall & Winston Inc.; 3. Operations, Geolog Americas Inc.)
Basin-specific Optimization of an Automated Geosteering Algorithm Using Simulated Stratigraphy
K. McCarthy1, A. Pare3, L. Heintzelman2, M. Willerth*1, A. Mitkus1, T. Ziehm1, T. Gee1, P. Reynerson1 (1. Technology Development, Helmerich & Payne; 2. Geosteering Operations, Helmerich & Payne; 3. Geosciences, Helmerich & Payne)
Key Drivers for Complexity of Hydraulic Fracture Stimulation - Cemented and Bitumen-filled Fractures Formed During Hydrocarbon Maturation of the Marcellus Shale - Key Drivers to Complexity of Hydraulic Fracture Stimulation
T. Carr1, N. A. Mitchell1, E. Fathi2, B. Panetta1, B. Carney3 (1. Geology and Geography, West Virginia University; 2. Petroleum Natural Gas Engineering, West Virginia University; 3. Northeast Natural Energy LLC)
Hidden Success of Unconventional Oil Play Behind Robust Integration of Subsurface G and G Data. A Case Study of Shilaif Unconventional Oil Play, Abu Dhabi, UAE
A. Alharthi, M. Baig, H. Al Marzooqi, P. Van Laer, T. Brooks, A. Al Hashmi, A. Al Blooshi, M. Al Braiki (ADNOC)
Characterizing Multiple Formations for Gas Production and CO2 Sequestration
A. Gordon1, B. Goodway1, E. Mutual1, R. Cova1, S. Leaney1, W. Pardasie1, M. Ng2 (1. Qeye, Calgary; 2. Advantage Energy Ltd., Calgary)
Exploring La Luna Formation Unconventional Plays in the Maracaibo Lake Basin, Through 3D Modeling Based on Acoustic Seismic Inversion
J. N. Mendez3, C. Lobo1, R. Movil4, L. Yegres2, C. Alcantara3, J. Brown3 (1. Integrated Studies, Petroleos de Venezuela, S.A, Maracaibo, Zulia; 2. Seismology, CICESE; 3. Stratagraph; 4. Geodynamic Solutions, Maracaibo, Zulia)
Validating Conductive Fracture Imaging With Cross-well Strain and Permanent Fiber Optic Flow Profiling
S. Taylor, A. Reshetnikov, A. Nazarova (Reservoir Imaging Solutions LLC)
Utilizing Geochemical, Petrophysical, and Geomechanical Analysis to Optimize Stimulation Design in Pimienta Formation
D. Betancourt2, C. Rabe*1, O. Iqbal3, J. Salazar1, B. Hoxha1 (1. Consulting, Baker Hughes; 2. Geophysics, Central University of Venezuela, Caracas, Caracas; 3. Geosciences, Arizona State University)
Quantitation of Hydraulic Fracture Geometry Using Stage-by-Stage ISIP Analysis with Application in the Montney Formation
E. Sarvar Amini (Drilling and Completion, Petronas Energy Canada, Calgary)
An Efficient Eulerian-Lagrangian Proppant Transport Model Coupled with Three-dimensional Hydraulic Fracture Propagation
S. Mao1, 2, K. Wu1, G. Moridis1, 3 (1. Petroleum Engineering Department, Texas A&M University; 2. Los Alamos National Laboratory; 3. Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory)
Inverse Approach to Development Optimizations to Calibrate Assumptions About Trade-off’s Between Well Spacing and Frac’ Intensity
W. K. Rucker (Verdad Resources)
Improving Well Productivity Using Water-less Frac Fluids in Eagle Ford Shale Formation
F. Nath, R. Valdez (School of Engineering, Texas A&M International University)
Core Data Integration/ Validation of Sonic Derived Anisotropic Mechanical Properties to Expedite Well Decisions in Unconventional Reservoirs
E. Velez Arteaga1, K. Fisher2 (1. SLB; 2. Birch Resources)
The Effect of Variations of Fluid Pressure in Natural Fractures on the Geometry of Fracture Networks and Well Productivity
M. Cao, M. M. Sharma (The University of Texas at Austin)
Understanding the Drivers of Parent-child Depletion: A Machine Learning Approach
D. Niederhut, A. Cui (Novi Labs)
Supercritical CO2 and Water Injection Induced Fracturing – Application to Geological Carbon Sequestration
B. C. Amoah, C. Rai, C. Sondergeld, S. T. Dang (Petroleum Engineering, University of Oklahoma)
Advanced Dual-porosity and Dual-permeability Model for Tight Rock Integrated Primary Depletion and Enhanced Oil Recovery Simulation
D. Yang, T. Do, C. Yang, H. Sun, K. Ramsaran, X. Shi, D. Zhou, L. Mathis (Chevron Technology Center)
Simulation of the Seismic Records (DAS) in a Borehole Throughout CO2 Storage Procedures
J. E. Pulido Mancera (Earth and Space Sciences, University of Washington)
Multidimensional, Experimental, and Modeling Evaluation of Permeability Evolution, The Caney Shale Field Lab, OK, USA
A. Katende1, 2, G. Awejori1, 2, M. Benge4, S. Nakagawa3, Y. Wang5, F. Xiong1, 2, J. Puckette5, M. Grammer5, J. Rutqvist3, C. Doughty3, A. Bunger4, T. Paronish6, D. Crandall6, J. Renk6, M. Radonjic1, 2 (1. Hydraulic Barrier Materials and Materials Characterization Laboratories, 126, 127, and 130, Advanced Technology Research Center, Oklahoma State University; 2. School of Chemical Engineering, Oklahoma State University; 3. Energy Geosciences Division, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory; 4. Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, University of Pittsburgh; 5. Boone Pickens School of Geology, Oklahoma State University; 6. National Energy Technology Laboratory, Research and Innovation Center)
A Statistical Look at Drainage Behavior and Its Controls in Unconventional Reservoirs - A Multi-basin Study
S. Ge, M. Jin, T. Lv, J. Bachleda, Y. Liu, J. Wu, F. Liu* (RevoChem LLC)
Methane Hydrate Nucleation Path and Structure Evolution Revealed by Markov Modelling
H. Xiong1, H. Liu2 (1. Yale University; 2. Hohai University)
Impact of Fracture Roughness on Fines Migration and Fracture Aperture Growth in Calcareous Shale Rocks During Acidized Core Floods
H. J. Khan, R. Al-Abdrabalnabi, M. S. Aljawad (Petroleum Engineering, King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals, Dhahran)
Producible Fluid Oil and Biogenic Gas Saturations of the Upper Cretaceous Unconventional Carbonate Plays, Northern Arabian Plate of Turkey
S. Sen1, 2, B. Barslan2 (1. Istanbul University-Cerrahpasa; 2. Shalesys Energy)
Effect of Hydrogen Exposure on Shale Reservoir Properties: A Thorough Experimental Study Evaluating Interaction of Hydrogen With Rock and Fluid When Exploring Storage Potential
E. Bechara (Petroleum Engineering, Texas Tech University)
A Shapley Approach to Permian Rock Quality
E. Head, S. Sagriff, S. Pratt, B. Bernard (Enverus, Calgary)
Machine Learning Based Stereoscopic Triple Sweet Spot Evaluation Method for Shale Reservoirs
Y. Deng, W. Wang, Y. Su (Petroleum Engineering, China University of Petroleum Huadong)
Auto-identification and Real-time Warning Method of Multiple Type Events During Multistage Horizontal Well Fracturing
M. Zhao1, Y. Li*1, Y. Li*u2, 3, B. Yuan1, S. Meng2, W. Zhang1, H. Liu2 (1. China University of Petroleum (East China); 2. PetroChina Research Institute of Petroleum Exploration and Development (RIPED); 3. China National Shale Gas Research & Development (Experiment) Center)
Rock Thin-section Analysis and Mineral Detection Utilizing Deep Learning Approach
F. Nath1, S. Asish2, S. Sutradhar3, Z. Li1, N. Shahadat2, H. R. Debi2, S. Hoque4 (1. School of Engineering, Texas A&M International University; 2. School of Computing and Informatics, University of Louisiana at Lafayette; 3. University of A Coruña, A Coruña; 4. School of Geosciences, University of Louisiana at Lafayette)
Production Sweet Spots of Eight US Shale Plays Constrained by Data Analytics of Normalized Production Index, Payzone Depth, and Initial GOR
R. Sorkhabi2, P. Panja2, 1, M. Deo2, 1 (1. Chemical Engineering, University of Utah; 2. Energy and Geoscience Institute, University of Utah)
Machine-learning Approach to Optimize Huff-n-Puff Gas Injection in Naturally Fractured Shale Oil Reservoirs
K. Enab (Petroleum Engineering , Texas A&M International University)
System and Method for Automated Detection of Fracture Dependant Interactions (FDI)
E. Dias1, L. Bowden2 (1. Production Surveillance and Optimization, Chevron; 2. Chevron)
Water-intake Profile Analysis for the First Ever Polymer Flooding to Heavy Oils on Alaska’s North Slope for Potential of Improved Recovery
D. Wang1, S. S. Namie1, R. Seright2 (1. HHSGGE, University of North Dakota; 2. PRRC, New Mexico Tech)
Does Liquid Slip Flow Occur in Unconventional Reservoir Rocks? A Laboratory Study of Liquid Permeability
S. Peng (Bureau of Economic Geology, University of Texas at Austin)
Effect of Gas-liquid Anomalous Diffusion on Production Behavior and Pressure and Rate Transient Responses in Unconventional Reservoirs
G. Yildirim, E. Ozkan (Petroleum Engineering, Colorado School of Mines)
New Rapid Solutions for Production Analysis From Multi Transverse Fracture Wells
I. S. Mohamed, V. Chavali, M. J. King (Department of Petroleum Engineering, Texas A&M University)
Enhancing Surface Production Measurements and Simplifying Field Architecture With Multiphase Flow Meters in the Permian and Eagle Ford Shale
K. Moncada, L. Husoschi, B. Theuveny (SLB)
Oil Recovery Performance and Asphaltene Deposition Evaluation of Miscible and Immiscible Carbon Dioxide or Nitrogen Huff-n-Puff Processes in Shale Reservoirs
M. Elturki1, 2, A. Imqam1, S. Dunn-Norman1, H. Shaglouf2, A. Kablan2 (1. Petroleum Engineering, Missouri University of Science and Technology; 2. Petroleum Engineering, Misurata University)
Novel High-pressure-High-temperature Setup for Surfactant-assisted Spontaneous Imbibition
M. H. Elkady, I. Z. Ataceri, D. Schechter (Harold Vance Department of Petroleum Engineering, Texas A&M University)
Nano-surfactant Packages for Enhanced Oil and Gas Recovery in Hydraulic Fracturing- Impact on the Nano-sizers on the Performance of Conventional Surfactants
S. Kakadjian, A. Flowers, J. Kitchen, A. Gebrekirstos, K. Boyd, O. Algadi (NexTier OFS)
Tailored Metal Oxide Nanoparticles-based Fluids in Acid Restimulation Treatments Reverses Long-term Hydrocarbon Decline: A Pilot Study in Wolfcamp (A) Formation
P. Dalamarinis1, A. Radwan2, R. Ramanathan2, I. Ivanishin2 (1. DG Petro Oil and Gas; 2. Tenex Technologies)
Fracturing Fluid Chemistry and Job Placement Design Optimized for Formation Skin Damage Reduction Improves Well Performance: A Permian Midland Basin Case Study
T. C. Svarczkopf1, J. B. Blevins2, K. Demitrus1, J. Gist1 (1. Imperative Chemical Partners; 2. Hibernia Resources)
From Laboratory to Field: Simulation of a Surfactant Huff-n-Puff Pilot in the Eagle Ford
J. Zhang, I. Z. Ataceri, E. Gildin, D. Schechter, H. Nasrabadi (Petroleum Engineering, Texas A&M University)
Case Study of Gas Injection and EOR Potential in Unconventional Marginal Permian Horizontal Wells
S. Gautam1, B. Dindoruk1, E. Behm2 (1. University of Houston; 2. Cobblestone Energy LLC)
Rescaled Optimization Method for Fracture-network Design Under Transient and Pseudosteady Condition Using UFD Technique and Deep Learning Approach
J. Wang, Y. Wei (PetroChina)
Studies on Influential Factors of Flowback and Productivity of MFHWs and a Field Case in Shale Gas Formations
G. Jing, Z. Chen (Petroleum Engineering, University of Calgary, Calgary)
Prospective Analysis of Gas Production Associated With Coal Bed Methane - Colombia, 2050
L. V. Rojas Dulcey2, L. C. Pinzón1, 2, Z. H. Calderón2 (1. Unconventional Reservoirs Operations, Ecopetrol, Piedecuesta; 2. Petroleum Engineering School, Industrial University of Santander, Bucaramanga)
An Improved Analytic-hierarchy-Quantitative Pre-evaluation Method for Post-fracturing Recoverability in Lamellation-type Shale Oil Reservoir
S. Wan1, B. Yuan1, H. Liu2, S. Meng2, Z. Lei2, W. Wang1 (1. China University of Petroleum?East China?; 2. China National Petroleum Corporation Exploration and Development Research Institute)
Multi-regression Modeling Approach for Choke Performance and Production Analysis
M. G. Vicente, R. A. Belkenoff (YPF S.A.)