BEST of 2022


Congratulations to the URTeC 2022 Best Paper Award Winners! Each year one highly ranked paper is selected from each technical program theme as a recognized outstanding contribution to the program. We would like to honor those winners for their participation.

Technical Paper Award Winners

Holger Meier, ExxonMobil Upstream Research Company

Accelerating Development Optimization in the Bakken Using an Integrated Fracture Diagnostic Pilot
Theme 1: Well Spacing to Field Development and Stacked Pay Development Strategies - Bakken

Yalda Barzin, Repsol

Choke Management- The Driver of Liquid Yield Trends in Shale Reservoirs
Theme 2: Rock-Fluid and Fluid-Fluid Interactions PVT Data Acquisition/Analysis

Matt Campbell, Occidental Petroleum Corp.

Integrated Facies Modeling for Unconventional and Tight Reservoirs
Theme 3: Emerging Geological Evaluations, Tools, and Workflows for Prospectivity Assessment I

Carolan Laudon, Geophysical Insights

Applying Machine Learning Technologies in the Niobrara Formation, DJ Basin, to Quickly Produce an Integrated Structural and Stratigraphic Seismic Classification Volume Calibrated to Wells
Theme 4: Value-Driven Seismic Attributes

Mark D. Zoback, Stanford University

Lithologically-Controlled Variations of the Least Principal Stress with Depth and Resultant Frac Fingerprints During Multi-Stage Hydraulic Fracturing
Theme 5: Rock and Hydraulic Fracture Modelling I

Magdalene Albrecht, SM Energy

Using Geochemical Production Allocation to Calibrate Hydraulic Fracture and Reservoir Simulation Models: A Permian Basin Case Study
Theme 6: Drainage Diagnostics and Applications in Asset Development II

Han Young Park, Chevron

Improved UCR Development Decision Through Probabilistic Modeling with Convolutional Neural Network (CNN)
Theme 7: Subsurface Characterization, Applied Case Studies, and Business Implementation

Cristian F. Gonzalez, YPF SA

Improvement in the Characterization of Vaca Muerta with DFIT Type Curves Analysis
Theme 8: Case Studies

Brian Dombroski, Novo Oil & Gas LLC

Integrated EUR and Production Decline Analysis for Unconventional Production in Stacked Development
Theme 9: EUR and Performance Prediction: Decline Curve Analysis and Beyond I