monday sessions

Monday Panel Sessions

sustainable development goals session
URTeC Networking Event

It can work! We can achieve a sustainable balance between oil and gas and other energy sources to accommodate an energy-thirsty world, while ultimately consciously lifting the global standard of living with minimal costs to our ecosystem.

The oil and gas industry plays a key role in the global energy system and as such, it is a key driver of social and economic development. This panel will discuss various aspects of where the oil and gas industry can impact and develop global sustainable development goals (SDGs), including community investment and development, emissions mitigation, ecosystem management, and supply chain sustainability, among others. This panel discussion aims for a panoramic view of our current energy resources and how we can use the bright minds at hand in our industry to make this world a better place for everyone “touched” by energy in one way or another, today and for the future generations to come.

Invited panelists include:

  • Denise Cox (President of Storm Energy LTD)
  • Ray Leonard (President of Anglo Eurasia LLC, AAPG)
  • Linda Battalora (Colorado School of Mines, SPE)
  • Nancy House (SEG)
unconventional play session
URTeC Networking Event


  • Steph Perry (Anadarko Petroleum Corporation)
  • Tom Blasingame (Texas A&M University)

This panel brings the “field commanders” from the various “hot” shale plays to discuss their strategies, their activities, their successes, and their challenges. These are people who make development, completion, and operational decisions every day. This panel will provide orientation through short presentations, but also have a facilitated discussion sequence.

Panelists will include

Panelist Play Position Company
Chad McAllister Delaware Basin VP-Permian Anadarko Petroleum
Dave Cannon Midland Basin VP-Geoscience Diamondback Energy
Dale Kokoski Eagle Ford VP-Eagle Ford Marathon Oil
Chris Edwards Bakken/Niobrara VP Whiting Petroleum
value proposition session
URTeC Networking Event


  • Julie Shemeta (MEQ Geo Inc)

A panel of technology advocates within oil and gas operating companies will discuss the benefits and limitations of applying microseismic monitoring. Panelists including engineers, geologists, and geophysicists representing mid-size to major oil companies will provide a critical look at the application and interpretation of microseismicity with special attention on the value proposition of the technology.

tuesday panel sessions

Tuesday Panel Sessions

hydrolic fracturing session
URTeC Networking Event


  • Terry Palisch (Carbo Ceramics)

As the industry has pushed the envelope on drilling longer horizontal laterals with an ever-increasing number of stages, clusters, proppant, and fluid volumes in unconventionals, there has been an associated increase in the reports of well deformations and failures leading to partial or complete restrictions in the lateral. Early reports suggested these might be limited to select unconventional plays; however, it now appears that most, if not all, unconventional plays experience these issues. There are many potential contributing causes for this phenomenon—often rooted in the completion design, the well design, or the geomechanics of the play— but these deformations and failures present increasing challenges to the industry including lost production, inoperable wells, and the inability to work in some or all of the lateral. While there is much work to be done to achieve remediation and/or mitigation of the well deformations and failures seen in unconventionals, this panel will focus on the extent of the challenge, potential causes, and potential efforts to address this issue. In addition, the goal of the panel is to provide a forum for open discussion on the topic from all attendees.

recent experiences session
URTeC Networking Event


  • Hal Macartney
  • Shawn Maxwell

A panel of industry representatives will discuss the latest issues associated with injection induced seismicity. While seismicity associated with waste water disposal has begun to be successfully mitigated in Oklahoma and Kansas, attention has begun to focus on the Permian basin. Meanwhile, seismicity associated with hydraulic fracturing continues as a regulatory issue.

Panelists will include representatives from a regulatory body, academia, and an operating company.

wednesday panel sessions

Wednesday Panel Sessions

next technology frontier session
URTeC Networking Event


  • David Close, General Manager Onshore NV at Santos

The shale revolution was early conceived thanks to the technology development, that allowed to drill and complete wells capable of producing Oil and Gas at economic rates from ultra-low permeability reservoirs. Through the years, industry and technology has focused on drilling longer wells, pumping more sand and increasing the number of frac stages per well. This panel gathers industry experts to discuss the different perceptions on the next technology breakthrough required for unconventionals, and contrast it against the actual development technology focus.


  • Rusty Mathis, Reservoir Optimization & Analytics at Chevron
  • Frederic Wasden, Project Manager at iShale™
  • Jon V. Ludwig, CEO at Novi Labs
  • Sidd Gupta, Co-founder & CEO at Nesh
  • David Craig, Director Stimulation Design at Oxy
  • Erdal Ozkan, Professor at Colorado School of Mines
data analytics session
URTeC Networking Event


  • Alejandro Lerza, Sr. Reservoir Engineer, Chevron

This panel gathers industry experts from operator, service companies and the academia, to present their view of the current status and typical pitfalls observed in Data Analytics projects within the Oil and Gas industry. Presentations will be followed by an in-depth discussion on recently developed game changing techniques with potential application within the industry, as well as, required new techniques or investments for maximizing the benefit of this science for Oil and Gas operations.


  • Mariano Gurfinkel, Advanced Analytics Manager at Marathon Oil Corporation
  • Sebastien Matringe, Reservoir Optimization and Analytics Manager at Newfield Exploration
  • Srikanta Mishra, Senior Research Leader at Battelle
  • Patrick Rutty, Director of Technical Consulting at DrillingInfo
  • Tobias Hoeink, Sr. Director Stimulation Software & Artificial Intelligence at Baker Hughes