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Best of URTeC Latin America I & II

Wednesday, 28 July 2021, 8:25 a.m.–12:15 p.m.  |  Houston, Texas

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In November 2020, URTeC were successful in conducting the first Latin America Unconventionals conference under its name. With thanks to my fellow chairs Eduardo Vallejo (AAPG), Gustavo Carstens (SEG) and Luis Baez (SPE) and its committee we were successful in highlighting from first hand experts working in Latin Americas most exciting unconventional plays, as well as gain insight into future strategies beyond 2021. The Best of Latin America sessions seeks to share insights into successful methods and best practices currently being undertaken to demonstrate the commercial and technical viability of these Latin American plays.

8:25 am–12:15 pm
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Luis Baez
Standarized Workflow For Aquifer Characterization In Neuquén Unconventional Oil And Gas Blocks

Lisandro Rodriguez, Pluspetrol

Started in 2015 with the exploratory evaluation of unconventional targets in Neuquina basin. He focuses mostly in La Calera block where did seismic and petrophysics interpretation, landing and stacking definition and acted as an operative geologist during the first unconventional exploratory well of the company. He was in charge of the wireline, coring supervision and the real time geosteering. On 2018, due to the State Authorities requirements, he started to give technical support to the Pluspetrol environmental team, which finally led to the standardized workflow here presented. Today is the team petrophysicist and is focused in the hole asset reservoir characterization and well data integration.Previously he worked as a field geologist for Schlumberger Co. in Offshore Austral Basin. In his years of student, he also did two internships in a Geological Consultant in western New Jersey, and know is finishing his phD in the Universidad de Buenos Aires.

Real Time Series Analysis for Early Frac-Hit Detection in Vaca Muerta’s Natural Flowing Wells

Lucas Gonzalez Day, YPF

Lucas Gonzalez Day is the head of Upstream Data Science for YPF and has been working in digital projects since 2017. He graduated as Petroleum Engineer from Buenos Aires Institute of Technology (ITBA) in 2010 and is also an Executive MBA from IAE BS, obtained graduated in March 2021. He has over 12 years of experience in the Oil industry, working as Reservoir Engineering both in consulting and in operating companies, for waterflooding, shale oil and shale gas projects, as well as Financial Analyst for drilling operations. He is an SPE member since 2006 and has served as Student Chapter’s Secretary for his University in 2010. He also teaches Data Science for Le Wagon, the world’s top programming Bootcamp.Lucas is also a startup founder, having started Brainari, a data science service for oil and gas companies, and more recently joumoffice, an e-commerce to improve how we work from home.

Case Study: Applying Data Analytics to Reveal Most Important Parameters Impacting Well Production Performance in Vaca Muerta Unconventional Formation

Alejandro Lerza, Chevron

Machine Learning and Hydraulic Fracture Simulation to Speed up Well Completion Optimization Understanding in Vaca Muerta Formation, Neuquén Basin, Argentina

Damian Hryb

Geocelullar Model for Vaca Muerta Characterization

Carolina Crovetto, Pan American Energy

Carolina Crovetto holds a PhD in Physics from National University of Rosario, Argentina, and two specializations in Hydrocarbon Production and Geosciences. She has been working for Pan American Energy (Argentina) as a Geophysicist for 14 years, in the development of conventional and unconventional reservoirs in several Argentinian basins. During the last 4 years she has been involved in the development of Vaca Muerta Formation oil and gas reserves in the Neuquén Basin, applying seismic technologies, including seismic inversions and microseismic, to improve the understanding of these reservoirs. She is also a professor at the Institute for Oil and Gas of the University of Buenos Aires (IGPUBA) and at the department of Petroleum Engineering of the Buenos Aires Institute of Technology (ITBA).

High Resolution Geomechanical Model and its Impact on Hydraulic Fracture Height Growth. An Example from Vaca Muerta Formation, Argentina

Damian Hryb

Pozo D-129 Formation: The Case of a Recent Shale Oil Discovery in a Lacustrine Source Rock in El Huemul Field, Golfo San Jorge Basin, Southern Argentina

Pablo Caprioglio, Sinopec Argentina Exploration and Production, Inc.

MSc. Pablo A. Caprioglio is a Nuclear Engineer who graduated from Instituto Balseiro -Argentina-, where he was granted a scholarship by the National Commission of Atomic Energy. He holds a Master on Exploration and Production of Hydrocarbons attended at Heriot-Watt University -Scotland- and Instituto Superior de la Energía -Spain-. In addition, he was also granted the PDD degree -Manager Development Program- by the AIE Business School -Argentina-.MSc. Pablo A. Caprioglio has 20 years of experience in the oil industry, most of them in the field of Reservoir Engineering. He occupied different positions in Repsol-YPF, Occidental Petroleum Corporation -Oxy- and Sinopec Exploration and Production Inc. His experience includes, among others, conventional and unconventional plays, assisted recovery, reservoir characterization, numerical simulation, pressure transient analysis, reserves evaluation and documentation, etc. He currently holds the position of Asset Development Manager in Sinopec Argentina Exploration and Production Inc.MSc. Pablo A. Caprioglio has also actively participated in projects related to the Nuclear and Space Industries. He worked in fields such as nuclear reactor design and optimization as well as in the design and component-testing of rockets powered by liquid-fuel engines and conceived for satellite launching.


Best of URTeC Latin America I & II
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