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Monday Morning Online Only Presentations

Introductory Remarks
Establishing the Basis for a Multi-Segment Arps Decline Model
J. Lee (Texas A&M)
Transfer Learning with Recurrent Neural Networks for Long-term Production Forecasting in Unconventional Reservoirs
S. Mohd Razak1, J. Cornelio1, Y. Cho1, H-H. Liu2, R. Vaidya2, B. Jafarpour1 (1University of Southern California; 2Aramco Americas)
Understanding the Effect of Nanopores on Flow Behavior and Production Performance of Liquid-Rich Shale Reservoirs
A. Khanal1, M. Khoshghadam2, H. S. Jha3, W. J. Lee3 (1University of Texas at Tyler; 2New Dawn LLC.; 3Texas A&M University)
Shale Gas Development Potentials of the Jurassic Weald and Wessex Basins, South-East England: A Techno-Economic Evaluation
B. O. Bassey1, E. A. Ana2 (1Cranfield University; 2University of Calabar)
Fluid Characterization and Volumetric Assessment in the Montney...One Tricky Fluid System
A. J. White1, W. Feick2, F. B. Thomas3, J. Marin4, N. Prefontaine2, J. Ponto1, R. Apil4, C. Clarkson4 (1Pipestone Energy Corp; 2McDaniel & Associates; 3Resopstrategies; 4Stratum Reservoir)
Rate-Transient Analysis of Communicating Wells Using the Dynamic Drainage Area (DDA) Concept
H. Ahmadi, H. Hamdi, C. R. Clarkson (University of Calgary)
Introductory Remarks
Connecting Geomechanical Properties with Potential for Proppant Embedment and Production Decline for the Emerging Caney Shale, Oklahoma
M. Benge1, Y. Lu1, A. Katende2, J. Rutqvist3, D. Crandall4, A. Haecker5, G. King6, J. Renk4, M. Radonjic2, A. Bunger*1 (1University of Pittsburgh; 2Oklahoma State University; 3Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory; 4National Energy Technology Laboratory; 5Continental Resources, Inc.; 6GEK Engineering)
Experimental Study on Expansion Law of Micro-Fractures Induced by Shale Hydration
Y. Zhao1, L. Tao2, X. Zhang2 (1Southwest Petroleum University, China; 2Oil and Gas Technology Research Institute Changqing Oilfield Company, Petrochina Company Limited)
The Effect of Capillary Condensation on the Geomehcanical Properties of Tight Formations: An Experimental Investigation
A. Albannay1,2, B. Bui2, D. Katsuki2, (1ADNOC; 2Colorado School of Mines)

Monday Morning In-Person Presentations

Introductory Remarks
ESG Reporting in the Oil and Gas Sector-A Permian Basin Water Management Perspective
R. G. Bruant (B3 Insight)
Application of Electro-oxidation Technology for Water Treatment and Rock Wettability Alteration
L. Yuan1, H. Dehghanpour1, S. Jakhete2 (1University of Alberta; 2Aqua Pulsar)
Managing Induced Seismicity: A System for Mapping the Geospatial Intersection of Saltwater Disposal Formations, Active Injection Intervals, Injection Pressures, and Volumes, Geologic Fault Lines and Seismic Events in the Permian Basin
J. Adler, J. Cortina, C. Lemons* (Sourcewater, Inc.)
Introductory Remarks
Heavy Oil Polymer EOR in the Challenging Alaskan Arctic - It Works!
A. Dandekar1, J. Barnes2, D. Cercone3, J. Ciferno3, R. Edwards2, S. Ning4, W. Schulpen2, R. Seright5, B. Sheets1, D. Wang6, Y. Zhang1 (1University of Alaska Fairbanks; 2Hilcorp Alaska LLC; 3DOE-National Energy Technology Laboratory; 4Reservoir Experts, LLC/Hilcorp Alaska, LLC; 5New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology; 6University of North Dakota)
Predicting Oil Recovery Under Uncertainty for Huff-n-Puff Gas Injection: A Field Case Study in Permian
E. Eltahan1, R. Ganjdanesh1, K. Sepehrnoori1, S. Biancardi2 (1The University of Texas at Austin; 2EP Energy)
Drawdown Management Strategies: Midland Basin Case Studies
Y. Pradhan, T. Blasingame, E. Gildin (Texas A&M University)
Introductory Remarks
Overview of the Hydraulic Fracturing Test Site 2 (HFTS-2) in the Permian Delaware Basin
J. Ciezobka (GTI)
Subsurface Characterization of Hydraulic Fracturing Test Site - 2 (HFTS-2), Delaware Basin
F. Bessa, K. Jerath, C. Ginn, P. Johnston, Y. Zhao, T. Brown, R. Lopez, J. Kessler, B. Nicklen, V. Sahni (Occidental)
Introductory Remarks
High Viscosity Friction Reducer Testing, Trialing, and Application Workflow: A Permian Basin Case Study 
N. Zakhour, S. Esmaili, J. Ortiz, J. Deng (Occidental Petroleum)
Applying State-of-the-Art Completion Techniques in Vaca Muerta Formation
P. Crespo1, M. Pellicer1, H. Jacot2 (1Pan American Energy; 2H-Frac Consulting)
Introductory Remarks
Modeling the Effect of Natural Fracture Network and its Properties on Multi-Stage Stimulation
B. Damjanac, C. Detournay, M. Torres (Itasca Consulting Group, Inc.)

Monday Afternoon Online Only Presentations

Introductory Remarks
Understanding the Interaction Between Parent and Child Using Analytical and Numerical Approaches in Permian Basin - An Operator Perspective
S. Esmaili, J. Deng, E. Wolfram, V. Muralidharan, I. Harmawan, J. Cassanelli (Occidental)
Multi-Disciplinary Fracture and Spacing Study in the DJ Basin
J. Brand1, J. Barhaug1, R. Reinmiller2, R. Parker2, B. Cherian3 (1Great Western Petroleum; 2Borehole Image Specialists; 3Premier Oilfield Group)
The Unconventional Reservoir Development Performance Reviews - the Northern Midland Basin Case Study
H. Xiong, A. Thompson, J. Tackett, M. Schellstede (University Lands)
Introductory Remarks
Impact of Huff n Puff EOR on Shale Microstructure
S. Mamoudou, A. Tinni, C. Sondergeld, C. Rai, M. Curtis (University of Oklahoma)
CO2-Soluble Surfactants for Enhanced Oil Recovery From Shale
L. C. Burrows1,2, F. Haeri1,3, D. Tapriyal1,3, P. G. Shah4, P. Lemaire4, A. Alenzi5, D. Crandall1, R. M. Enick4, A. Goodman1, (1National Energy Technology Laboratory; 2Oak Ridge Institute for Science and Education; 3Leidos Research Support Team; 4Dept. of Chemical and Petroleum Eng., University of Pittsburgh; 5Chem. Eng. Tech., College of Technological Studies)
Water-Oil Displacement in Shale: New Insights From Integrated Imbibition Test and Multi-Scale Imaging
S. Peng, P. Periwal, R. Reed (University of Texas at Austin)
Effect of Pore Geometry and Heterogeneous Surface Wettability on the Nanoconfined Phase Behavior in Nanopore Networks of Shale Rocks
S. Chen1, J. Jiang2, B. Guo1 (1University of Arizona; 2Chevron Energy Technology Co.)
Introductory Remarks
Permeability From NMR in the Unconventional Point Pleasant Formation
X. WANG1, P. M. Singer1, Y. Liu1, Z. Chen1, G. J. Hirasaki1, Z. Yang2, S. J. Seltzer2, B. Sun2, M. O. Wigand2 (1Rice University; 2Chevron)
Hydraulic Fracturing Geochemical Impact on Fluid Chemistry: Comparing Wolfcamp Shale and Marcellus Shale
W. Xiong2,1, J. Moore2,3, D. Crandall2, C. Lopano2, A. Hakala2, (1Leidos Research Support Team; 2National Energy Technology Laboratory; 3Battelle Research Support Services)
A Novel Method to Develop Chemostratigraphy Using X-Ray Fluorescence Spectra Raw Data
M. HUSSAIN1, A. Amao2, K. Al-Ramadan2, L. Babalola2, J. Humphrey2 (1Baker Hughes; 2KFUPM)
Brittleness and Geomechanical Properties Estimation Using Wireline and Seismic Data in the Duvernay Shale Basin, Canada
C. C. Dumitrescu (Terra-IQ Ltd.)
Linking Depositional Environment Interpretations and Stratal Architecture to Source Rock Richness and Mechanical Property Distribution in the Delaware Basin, Southeast New Mexico and West Texas
B. Price1, R. Dommisse2, X. Janson2 (1University of Texas at Austin; 2Bureau of Economic Geology)

Monday Afternoon In-Person Presentations

Introductory Remarks
Continuous Lookback, Calibration, and Adjustment Reduces Biases and Improves Reliability of Production Forecasts
M. K. Alarfaj1, D. A. McVay2 (1Saudi Aramco; 2Texas A&M University)
Deconvolution of Time-Varying Bottomhole Pressure Improves Rate-Time Models History Matches and Forecasts of Tight-Oil Wells Production
L. M. Ruiz Maraggi, L. W. Lake, M. P. Walsh (The University of Texas at Austin)
The Utilization of the "Rate-Integral" to Assist with Decline Curve Analysis of Poor-Quality Unconventional Time-Rate Data
E. W. Bryan1, D. Symmons2, D. Ilk2, T. A. Blasingame3 (1Texas A&M University — Now DeGolyer and MacNaughton; 2DeGolyer and MacNaughton; 3Texas A&M University)
Evaluation of "Tight Oil" Well Performance and Completion Practices in the Powder River Basin - "Time Slice" Analysis
B. Murray1, R. Ness1, G. Koperna1, S. Carpenter2 (1Advanced Resources International, Inc.; 2University of Wyoming, Enhanced Oil Recovery Institute)
Introductory Remarks
Subsurface Technology Sharing from Oil and Gas to Geothermal Resources
B. DINDORUK1, S. Livescu2 (1University of Houston; 2Baker Hughes)
Efficient Modeling of Enhanced Geothermal System with 3-D Complex Hydraulic and Natural Fractures
W. Yu (UT-Austin and Sim Tech LLC)
Stacked Completion and Production of Lacustrine Shale Oil Deposit Lateral Wells in the Kongdian Formation, China
P. Zhao1, G. Wen1, T. Ni1, H. Shen1, H. Yuan1, L. Yang2, S. Wu*3 (1PetroChina Dagang Oilfield Company; 2Solid Services; 3Power Energy and Environmental Research Institute)
Comprehensive Evaluation of the Petrophysical and Geomechanical Properties of the Velkerri Shale Using Advanced Log Measurements and Novel Core Testing Techniques
S. Ali1, A. Mathur2, A. Bruce3, A. Underwood3, M. Ali2, R. Kumar2, C. Belanger2 (1WDVG Petroleum Engineering; 2WDVG Laboratories; 3Empire Energy)
Introductory Remarks
Investigating Effects of Adding Surfactant to Cement Spacer on Mud Removal Performance and Cement Bond with Formation - An Experimental Study
A. Mansour1, T. Gamadi1, H. Emadibaladehi1, O. Algadi2, S. Kakadjian2 (1Texas Tech University; 2NexTier Oilfield Solutions)
Case Study of a Wireline Deployable Spearhead Acid in the Denver-Julesburg Basin
K. Yocham1, D. Allison1, M. Schwartz2 (1Fluid Energy Group Ltd.; 2Highpoint Resources Corporation)
Efficient Prediction of Proppant Placement Along a Horizontal Fracturing Stage for Perforation Design Optimization
J. Wang, A. K. Singh, X. Liu, M. C. Rijken, Y. Tan, S. Naik (Chevron Technical Center)
Introductory Remarks
Multi-Well Modelling in the Eagle Ford: An Investigation of Redevelopment, Infill, and Refrac Opportunities
C. Karacaer1, E. Agartan1, P. Chapman2, J. Roberts2, D. Glazier2, C. Ozgen1 (1NITEC LLC; 2Devon Energy)
Experimental Study of Hydrocarbon Vaporization for EOR Applications in Shales
J. Odiachi, F. Cruz*, A. Tinnni, C. Sondergeld, C. Rai (University of Oklahoma)
A Simulation Study to Evaluate Operational Parameter Ranges for a Successful Cyclic Gas Injection in Different Areas of Eagle Ford
M. Gaddipati, B. Basbug, T. Firincioglu (NITEC LLC)
Extending the Effective Fracture Lengths Through Mitigation of Water Trapping to Improve Eagle Ford Gas Production
L. Jin1, B. Spies2, S. Rahagopalan1 (1Alchemy Sciences Inc.; 2Ageron Energy LLC)
Introductory Remarks
Live Oil and Methane Production From Fractured Shale Cores
N. J. Welch1, M. Meng1, W. Li1, L. P. Frash1, A. Menefee1, S. Peterson1, M. Wigand2, J. W. Carey1 (1Los Alamos National Lab; 2Chevron Energy Technology Company)
Investigation of Diffusion and Sorption in Shale Under Variable Net Stress
Y. Lyu, D. Dasani, T. Tsotsis, K. Jessen (University of Southern California)
Using NMR and Steady State Permeability Measurements to Study Drilling Fluid Invasion Into the Tight Mississippian Ratcliffe Carbonate and Its Impact on Oil Production
A. Mathur1, S. Ali2, C. Woodland3, K. Hudson3, C. Barnes1, W. D. Von Gonten, Jr. 2, C. Belanger1 (1WDVG Laboratories; 2WDVG Petroleum Engineering; 3Mercury Resources LLC)
Workflow for Determining Relative Permeability Behavior in Low Permeability Media Using MICP Drainage-Imbibition Measurements
J. T. Greene1, K. Newsham2, M. Pavlovic2, K. Jerath2, C. Cox1, M. McAllen1 (1NUTECH Energy; 2Occidental Petroleum)
Introductory Remarks
Direct Measurement of Permeability and Its Evolution With Stress
D. Gokaraju1, O. Djordjevic2, D. Gokaraju*1, L. Hathon3, A. Guedez4, R. Patterson1, A. Simone1, M. Aldin1, S. Aldin1, A. Thombare1, S. Govindarajan1 (1MetaRock Laboratories; 2Ovintiv; 3University of Houston; 4Independent, previously with MetaRock Laboratories)
Wettability Alteration and Improved Oil Recovery in Unconventional Resources
F. Bordeaux Rego, E. Eltahan, K. Sepehrnoori (The University of Texas at Austin)
Not All Shales Play the Same Game: Comparative Analysis of US Shale Oil Formations by Reverse Engineering and Petroleum Systems
R. Sorkhabi, P. Panja* (University of Utah)
Introductory Remarks
An Integrated View of Hydraulic Induced Fracture Geometry in Hydraulic Fracture Test Site 2
G. A. Ugueto1, P. T. Huckabee1, M. Wojtaszek2 (1Shell Exploration and Production; 2BSP)
Hydraulic fracture characterization by integrating multidisciplinary data from the Hydraulic Fracturing Test Site 2 (HFTS-2)
Z. Zhang, J. DiSiena, D. Bevc, I. Lim Chen Ning, Y. Tan, L. Swafford, M. Craven, K. Hughes, A. Vissotski (Chevron Technical Center)
Analysis of Completion Design Impact on Cluster Efficiency and Pressure-Based Well Communication in HFTS-2 Delaware Basin
A. Vissotski, A. Singh, P. Rijken, R. Reverol (Chevron)
Introductory Remarks
Maximizing Project Value in Vaca Muerta Shale Formation, Part 2: Simultaneous Optimization of Well Spacing and Completion Design- Case of Study
A. Lerza, S. Cuervo, S. Malhotra (Chevron Corporation)
Simul-Frac Journey in the Permian Basin
A. S. Kim, S. Han, K. Belcourt, A. Ruhl, R. Cazenave (Chevron)
Introductory Remarks
Investigation Into the Fabric and Textural Controls Over Effective Grain Stiffness for Accurate Biot Coefficient and Pore Compressibility Predictions
L. Louis1, G. Boitnott1, E. Hutto2, G. Carpio2, M. Foster2 (1New England Research; 2Halliburton)
Laboratory Study Shows How Real Perforations Affect Unconventional Fracture Initiation
F. H. C. DOORNBOSCH, Q. Guo, C. E. FELICIO GUEDES, C. E. Baumann, B. D. Clark (Schlumberger)
Triaxial Direct-Shear Reveals the True Magnitude of Fracture Roughness Effects on Flow
M. MENG, L. Frash, J. W. Carey, N. J. Welch, W. Li, S. K. Peterson (Los Alamos National Laboratory)
Numerical Modeling, Laboratory Testing, and Field Demonstration of a Novel Thermal Breakout Technology for Measuring the In Situ Stress in the Deep Subsurface
S. Voegeli, J. Nopola, M. Jones, T. Artz (RESPEC)
Introductory Remarks
Mechanical Stratigraphy Modeling, the Foundation of Unconventional Geomechanical Analysis
R. Bradley, V. Mostafavi (ConocoPhillips)
A Geomechanical Analysis of Shale Hydraulic Fracturing Containment
A. Kamali, A. Ghassemi* (University of Oklahoma)
Quasi-Static Fracture Height Growth in Laminated Reservoirs: Impacts of Stress and Toughness Barriers, Horizontal Well Landing Depth, and Fracturing Fluid Density
M. Mehrabi, Y. Pei, M. Haddad, F. Javadpour, K. Sepehrnoori (The University of Texas at Austin)
Introductory Remarks
Produced Gas and Condensate Geochemistry of the Marcellus Formation: Insights into Petroleum Maturity, Migration, and Alteration in an Unconventional Shale Reservoir
C. D. Laughrey (Stratum Reservoir)
Raman Microscopy Analysis of Wyoming CarbonSAFE Pilot Well Thin Sections for Mineralogy and Organic Matter Characterization
G. A. Myers1, T. Brown1, S. Fernando1, E. Phillips2, F. McLaughlin2 (1WellDog Gas Sensing Technology Corp; 2University of Wyoming)
Application of Geochemistry to Assessing Refrac Jobs in the Bakken/Three Forks Hybrid Play
H. Long, E. Michael, S. Bordoloi, Y. Liu (ConocoPhillips)
Adsorption Capacity of Hydrocarbon and Kerogen: A Molecular Dynamics Simulation Investigation
Z. Cao1, Z. Q. Feng1, C. W. Wu1, Z. M. Zhang1, J. R. Guo1, X. Y. Lyu1, H. Jiang2 (1SINOPEC E&P Research Institute; 2Strategic Research Center of Oil and Gas Resources, Ministry of Natural Resources)
Introductory Remarks
Sensitivity Analysis on Petrophysical and Geomechanical Properties Applied to Stimulated Rock Volume and Well Productivity: Vaca Muerta Case of Study
A. Tuiran1, H. Pourpak1, R. Wagner1, L. Saenz2, M. Vinchon1 (1TOTAL SA; 2IFP School)
Improving Microseismic Denoising Using 4-D (Temporal) Tensors and High-Order Singular Value Decomposition
K. Gonzalez1, E. Gildin1, R. Gibson2 (1Texas A&M University; 2NanoSeis)
An Integrated Analytics and Machine Learning Solution for Predicting the Anisotropic Static Geomechanical Properties of the Tuscaloosa Marine Shale
C. M. Ruse, J. Ahmadov, N. Liu, M. Mokhtari (University of Louisiana at Lafayette)
Introductory Remarks
Fracture Description of the HFTS-2 Slant Core, Delaware Basin, West Texas
J. F. W. Gale1, S. J. Elliott1, B. G. Rysak1, C. L. Ginn2, N. Zhang3, R. D. Myers4, S. E. Laubach1 (1The University of Texas at Austin; 2Occidental Petroleum Corporation; 3Devon Energy; 4ExxonMobil Upstream Research Company)
Microseismic at HFTS2: A Story of Three Stimulated Wells
V. Grechka, C. Straus, B. Howell*, D. Furtado, Z. Li (Borehole Seismic)
Mechanism of Microseismic Generation During Hydraulic Fracturing - With Evidence from HFTS 2 Observations
Y. Tan, J. Wang, P. Rijken, Z. Zhang, Z. Fang, R. Wu, I. Lim Chen Ning, X. Liu (Chevron)
HFTS-2 Completions Design and State-of-the-Art Diagnostics Results
N. Zakhour, M. Jones, Y. Zhao, K. Orsini, V. Sahni (Occidental)