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Wednesday Morning Online Only Presentations

Introductory Remarks
Underpressure Distribution and Origin of the Tight Gas Reservoirs in Middle Jurassic J2sh Formation of the Central Sichuan Basin, Southwestern China
Q. Wang, D. Chen, X. Gao, Y. Zou (China University of Petroleum(Beijing))
Quantifying Crack Properties of Source Rocks from Elastic Stress Sensitivity
J. Ding1, A. C. Clark1, T. Vanorio1, A. D. Jew2, J. R. Bargar2 (1Stanford University; 2SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory)
Automated Reconstruction of Fracture Networks
J. O. Guerrero, B. Chang, D. Hachem, M. Prodanovic, D. N. Espinoza (The University of Texas at Austin)
Applications of Machine Learning for Estimating the Stimulated Reservoir Volume (SRV)
A. Rezaei2,1, F. Aminzadeh2,1, E. VonLunen1, (1FACT Inc; 2University of Houston)
Introductory Remarks
Real Time Series Analysis for Early Frac-Hit Detection in Vaca Muerta’s Natural Flowing Wells
L. Gonzalez Day;
Data Science, YPF, Puerto Madero, ARGENTINA.
Case of Study: Applying Data Analytics to Reveal Most Important Parameters Impacting Well Production Performance in Vaca Muerta Unconventional Formation
A. L. Lerza;
Chevron Corporation, Houston, TX.
Machine Learning and Hydraulic Fracture Simulation to Speed up Well Completion Optimization Understanding in Vaca Muerta Formation, Neuquén Basin, Argentina
D. Hryb;
Introductory Remarks
Geocellular Model for Vaca Muerta Characterization
C. B. Crovetto;
Reserves Development, Pan American Energy, CABA, ARGENTINA.
High Resolution Geomechanical Model and its Impact on Hydraulic Fracture Height Growth. An Example from Vaca Muerta Formation, Argentina.
D. Hryb;
Pozo D-129 Formation: The Case of a Recent Shale Oil Discovery in a Lacustrine Source Rock in El Huemul Field, Golfo San Jorge Basin, Southern Argentina
P. Caprioglio;

Wednesday Morning In-Person Presentations

Introductory Remarks
Characterization and Remediation of Scale in Three Horizontal Wells in the Point Pleasant Formation, Appalachia, Pennsylvania
A. Roberts, E. Fonseca, T. Tekavec (Shell Exploration & Production)
A Retrospective Look at Completion Design Optimization Based on Market Conditions
K. Ferguson1, N. Johnson2, B. Rowley1 (1Universal Pressure Pumping, Inc; 2Pennsylvania General Energy Co., LLC)
Machine Learning Methods in the Williston: A Case Study in Productivity Decay and the Implications For Inventory Exhaustion
B. L. Myers1, R. Duman1, T. Cross2 (1Wood Mackenzie; 2Novi Labs)
Data to Decision: A Unified and Rapid Workflow for Unconventional Reservoirs Blending Data Analytics, Physics-Based Completion Optimization, and Investor-Oriented Economics
G. Voneiff, P. Bastian (Datagration Solutions Inc.)
Introductory Remarks
Experimental Investigation of Proppant Placement in Multiple Perforation Clusters for Horizontal Fracturing Applications
F. Ahmad1, J. Miskimins1, X. Liu2, A. Singh2, J. Wang2 (1Colorado School of Mines; 2Chevron Corporation)
Universal Behavior of Polyacrylamide-Based Friction Reducers: Achieving Quantitative Lab Evaluation to Analytical Scale-Up Model Development for Field Performance Prediction
N. Nizamidin, G. Matovic, D. H. Kim, T. Theriot, H. Linnemeyer, S. Han, T. Malik (Chevron Corporation)
Case Study: Boosting Friction Reduction with Surfactant Solutions
B. Seymour1, A. Phatak1, V. Gupta2, V. Gupta2 (1Stepan Oilfield Solutions; 2APEX Resources)
Innovative Cationic Viscoelastic Friction Reducer For Hydraulic Fracturing Application
F. Malekahmadi1, N. Moringo1, L. Adams1, B. Price1, Y. Li*1, S. Kakadjian2, J. Kitchen2, K. Trego2 (1Rockwater Energy Solutions; 2NexTier Oilfield Solutions)
Introductory Remarks
Quartz Fabric in Shales: Quantification and Assessing its Influence on Geomechanical Properties
M. R. Stokes, A. P. Rathbun, P. C. Montgomery, M. C. Cheshire, E. R. Peacher (Chevron)
Horizontal Well Evaluation to Determine Geological Facies, Mechanical Properties, and Natural Fracture Changes Using Slim Through-the-Bit Dipole Sonic and Oil-Based Microimaging Tools
E. I. Haddad1, E. Velez1, F. Al Shaikh1, C. Schrader1, K. Barrie2 (1Schlumberger; 2Chief Oil and Gas)
The Giant, Continuous Three Forks Play, Williston Basin
S. Sonnenberg (Colorado School of Mines)
Introductory Remarks
Delaware Basin Wolfcamp Fm. Maturation and Post-Permian Basin Evolution Based on 2D Restorations and Basin Modeling
R. Hoar, M. Becker, A. Yu (Texas A&M University)
A Streamlined Approach to Fault Stress Analysis and Natural Fracture Prediction
S. Busetti (Aramco Services Company)
Anisotropy in Fracture Networks: Scale-Dependent Clustering and Flow Behavior
A. Roy, A. K. Sahu (Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur)
Application of Artificial Intelligence Tools for Fault Imaging in an Unconventional Reservoir: A Case Study from the Permian Basin
H. Garcia, L. Plant (Geoteric)
Introductory Remarks
Comparison of Hydrocarbon Gas and CO2 for Shale Oil Huff-n-Puff EOR
T. Zeng, Y. Guo*, K. Mohanty (The University of Texas at Austin)
The Gas Huff-n-Puff PVT Experiment
M. L. Carlsen1, S. Mydland1,2, C. H. Whitson1,2, (1Whitson AS; 2NTNU)
Discovery Science of Hydraulic Fracturing and Shale Fundamentals
M. Mehana1, J. Santos2, C. Neil1, M. Sweeney1, J. Hyman1, S. Karra1, H. Xu1, Q. Kang1, J. Carey1, G. Guthrie1, H. Viswanathan1,3, (1Los Alamos National Lab; 2University Of Texas At Austin; 3University of Texas)
Introductory Remarks
Identifying the Origin of Large Variations in Gas-Oil Ratios at Horizontal Wells Landed in Upper Wolfcamp Reservoirs in the Delaware Sub-Basin Using Gas Isotope, SARA, and HRGC Data
J. Adams, A. S. Kornacki (Stratum Reservoir)
Left Behind: A Thrilling Post-Expulsion Adventure of Producible Hydrocarbons Remaining in Source Rocks
S. Wright1, N. J. Hogancamp1,2, J. G. Guthrie3, J. Wolters1, (1Hess Corporation; 2University of Houston; 3Stratum Reservoirs)
Determining the Proportions of Producible Oil, Non-Producible Sorbed Petroleum, and Immobile Bitumen in Upper Wolfcamp Core Samples, Delaware Sub-Basin
A. S. Kornacki (Stratum Reservoir)
Hydrocarbon Drainage Index Optimizes Lateral Placement
R. Schrynemeeckers (Amplified Geochemical Imaging, LLC)
Introductory Remarks
Autoregressive and Machine Learning Driven Production Forecasting - Midland Basin Case Study
I. Gupta1, O. Samandarli1, A. Burks1, V. Jayaram1, D. McMaster1, D. Niederhut2, T. Cross2 (1Pioneer Natural Resources; 2Novi Labs)
Technical Resource Potential Estimation Using Machine Learning and Optimization for the Delaware Basin
H. Zalavadia, Y. Ben, R. Gordillo, S. Lauver (Occidental)
Machine Learning Approach to Improve Calculated Bottom-Hole Pressure
E. Eltahan1, R. Ganjdanesh1, K. Sepehrnoori1, R. Williams2 (1The University of Texas at Austin; 2EP Energy)
Introductory Remarks
Semi-Automated Lateral Landing Advisor For On Time Decisions Utilizing Digital Borehole Sonic Services and Next Generation Cloud Based Frac Design
E. I. Velez, J. D. Estrada, A. Donald, R. Prioul, T. Lei, E. Wielemaker, V. Lujan (Schlumberger)
Improved Nanoscale Image-Based Reservoir Characterization Using Supervised Machine Learning
S. L. Eichmann1, P. Srinivasan1, K. Kenga1, M. Khan1, F. Duque2, F. Oyarzabal2, J. Howard3, S. Zhang3 (1Aramco Services Company: Aramco Research Center - Houston; 2Saudi Arabian Oil Company; 3DigiM Solution, LLC)
A Study of Graphite Water Mixtures and Their Direct Current Conductivity as a Function of Frequency and Petrophysical Properties
J. C. Rasmus1, D. Homan2, G. L. Wang2 (1Retired; 2Schlumberger)
Evaluating the STACK and SCOOP Rock and Petroleum System History: Combined Rock Volatiles and Petrophysics Data of Cored Wells Across the Anadarko
M. P. Smith1, A. Leavitt2, O. Djordjevic2, J. Sinclair2, R. Brito2, C. M. Smith1, P. S. Gordon1, T. M. Smith1, J. Hustedt3 (1Advanced Hydrocarbon Stratigraphy; 2Ovintiv; 3Baker Hughes)
Introductory Remarks
Improved Fracture Geometry Estimations for Production Forecasting by an Integrated Workflow of Offset Pressure Analysis and Fracture Modeling
E. Coenen1, D. Sassen2 (1Reveal Energy Services; 2WDVG Labs)
Well Interference Testing using Fiber Optics Production Analysis
M. A. Grubert (OptaSense Inc.)
Mitigating the Effect of Ash Layers on Hydraulic Fracture Connectivity
B. Abell1, R. Suarez-Rivera1, J. T. Mayo2 (1W.D. Von Gonten Laboratories; 2Intrepid Resources)

Wednesday Afternoon Online Only Presentations

Wednesday Afternoon In-Person Presentations

Introductory Remarks
Analysis of Well Interference in the Delaware Basin: A Physics-Based and Data-Driven Approach
E. Eltahan1, S. Tavassoli2, B. Casey2, G. McDaid2 (1The University of Texas at Austin; 2Bureau of Economic Geology at the University of Texas at Austin)
Evaluation of Parent Well Production Changes Caused by Child Well Frac Hits Using A Pressure Integration Approach
Y. Guo1, P. Ashok*1, E. van Oort1, M. Isbell2, E. Butler2, A. Riopelle3 (1The University of Texas at Austin; 2Hess Corporation; 3Marathon Oil Corporation)
Spacing Classification System Delivers Enhanced Confidence in Modeling Unconventional Resource Plays
S. Valdez1, R. Quigley1, T. Najvar1, A. Beckendorf1, A. Taberner1, L. Skrobarczyk1, G. Olsen1, J. Lee2 (1VSO Petroleum Consultants; 2Texas A&M University)
Introductory Remarks
Unconventional Regulations: How the Development of Unconventional Resources Has Impacted Oil and Gas Regulations in the United States
D. Ryan, J. Benton, E. Halpern (SPE)
Carbon Neutral Fuel from Light Tight Oil -A Value Proposition
C. A. Ehlig-Economides (University of Houston)
Strategy Optimization and Technology Evaluation for Oil and Gas Methane Emission Detection
R. Kou, A. Lararus, S. Sridharan, V. Jayaram (Pioneer Natural Resources)
Monitoring Methane Leaks at Oil and Gas Facilities Using the Same Sensor on Satellite and Airborne Platforms
Á. Esparza, J-F. Gauthier (GHGSat)
Introductory Remarks
Defining Hydraulic Fracture Geometry Using Image Logs Recorded in the Laterals of Horizontal Infill Wells
D. P. Craig1, T. Hoang1, H. Li1, J. Magness1, C. Ginn1, V. Auzias2 (1Occidental Oil & Gas; 2Consultant)
New Insights on Near-Wellbore Fracture Characteristics from High-Resolution Distributed Strain Sensing Measurements
Y. Liu1, G. Jin2, K. Wu1 (1Texas A&M University; 2Colorado School of Mines)
Analytical Tracer Interpretation Model for Fracture Flow Characterization and Swept Volume Estimation in Unconventional Wells
L. Jain, S. Doorwar, D. Emery (Chevron Corporation)
New Approach to Reveal Compartmentalization in Montney Horizontal Wells for Completion Design Optimization
J-Y. D. Chatellier1, T. Euzen2 (1Tecto Sedi Integrated Inc; 2IFP Technologies (Canada) Inc.)
Introductory Remarks
Proppant Delivered Scale Inhibition - Unconventional Case Histories
T. Palisch, J. Leasure* (CARBO Ceramics)
Newest State of the Art Neutrally Buoyant Proppant Facilitates Placement Throughout Created Vertical Fractures to Provide Substantial Production Uplift in Unconventional Wells
H. D. Brannon, N. Hoffman (Sun Specialty Products)
Experimental Investigation of Foam Rheology in Rough Fractures
A. Radhakrishnan, K. Johnston, M. Prodanovic, D. DiCarlo (The University of Texas at Austin)
Introductory Remarks
Examining the Origins and Yield Impact of a Stratified Oil Column in the Montney Formation, Northeast British Columbia
D. P. Laycock, E. A. Watt, R. C. Tobin, S. A. Kelly, E. Michael, M. N. Johnston (ConocoPhillips)
Evaluating the Liquids Potential and Distribution of West Virginia’s Marcellus Liquids Fairway
C. Smith1, S. Pool2, P. Dinterman2, J. Moore2, T. Vance2, T. Smith1, P. Gordon1, M. Smith1 (1Advanced Hydrocarbon Stratigraphy; 2West Virginia Geological and Economic Survey)
Paleoredox Conditions of Early Carboniferous Upper Bakken Shale, Williston Basin
D. Nandy2,1, S. Kumar2,1, S. A. Sonnenberg1, (1Colorado School of Mines; 2Shell)
High Resolution Reservoir Characterization; the Lewis Shale, Greater Green River Basin, Wyoming.
L. C. Mayorga-Gonzalez, S. A. Sonnenberg (Colorado School of Mines)
Introductory Remarks
Measurement Environment’s Effect on DTS Surveys: A Case Study on Fiber Cable-Wellbore Coupling
K. Kutun, G. Jin, J. L. Miskimins (Colorado School of Mines)
Combining Fracture Depletion Mapping with Image Logs to Better Understand Fracture Driven Interactions
K. Wutherich, W. Katon, B. Sinosic, J. Glascock (Drill2Frac)
Modeling of Distributed Strain Sensing (DSS) and Distributed Acoustic Sensing (DAS) Incorporating Hydraulic and Natural Fractures Interaction
K. G. Ramos Gurjao1, E. Gildin1, R. Gibson2, M. Everett1 (1Texas A&M University; 2NanoSeis)
Introductory Remarks
A Reduced Physics Modeling Approach to Understand Multiphase Well Production Performance for Unconventional Reservoirs
D. Molinari, S. Sankaran (Xecta Digital Labs)
A Multi-Factor Approach to Optimize Horizontal Shale Wells Flowback and Production Operation
Y. Liu1, R. M. Jones1, H. Lu*2, K. Putri2, S. Atmaca2, N. J. R. Gonzalez2 (1Shell Exploration and Production Company; 2Schlumberger)
An Experimental Investigation of Oil Recovery in Tight Rocks Using Mixtures of Gases and Nanoparticles
Z. Quintanilla1, W. Ozowe1, R. Russell1, M. Sharma1, R. Watts2, F. Fitch2, Y. K. Ahmad3 (1The University of Texas at Austin; 2Messer Americas; 3Nissan Chemical America)
Introductory Remarks
A Physics-Informed Machine Learning Workflow to Forecast Production in a Fractured Marcellus Shale Reservoir
M. R. Gross1, J. Hyman1, D. O'Malley1, S. Karra1, M. Mudunuru2, M. Sweeney1, L. Frash1, B. Carey1, G. Guthrie1, T. Carr3, H. Viswanathan1 (1Los Alamos National Laboratory; 2Pacific Northwest National Laboratory; 3West Virginia University)
Using the Adaptive Variable Structure Regression Approach in Data Selection and Data Preparation for Improving Machine Learning Based Performance Prediction in Unconventional Plays
C. Ashayeri, M. Korjani, I. Ershaghi (University of Southern Califronia)
Physics-Assisted Transfer Learning for Production Prediction in Unconventional Reservoirs
J. Cornelio1, S. Mohd Razak1, A. Jahandideh1, B. Jafarpour1, Y. Cho1, H-H. Liu2, R. Vaidya2 (1University of Southern California; 2Aramco Americas)
Merging Physics and Data-Driven Methods for Field-Wide Bottomhole Pressure Estimation in Unconventional Wells
D. Molinari, S. Sankaran (Xecta Digital Labs)
Introductory Remarks
Inversion-Based Measurement Interpretation of a New Ultra-Slim Photorealistic Borehole Imager for OBM
Y. Chen;
Adaptation of Crushed Rock Analysis to Intact Rock Analysis for Improving Water Saturation Assessment and Fast Pressure Decay Permeability Quantification
K. Cheng;
Application of Image Logs for Enhanced Resistivity-Based Water Saturation Assessment in Organic-Rich Mudrocks
S. Dash;
Petroleum Engineering, UT Austin, Austin, TX.
Measuring Kerogen, Solid Organics, and Oil Production Potentials of Unconventional Source Rocks Using Solid-Type 20MHz NMR Techniques
H. Xie, Ph.D.;
Introductory Remarks
Well Development, Production, & Challenges in the Wamsutter Field, Wyoming
L. C. Mayorga-Gonzalez, S. A. Sonnenberg (Colorado School of Mines)
Managing Climate Related Risk Through Continuous Methane Monitoring
A. J. Morris, K. Soofi, D. Camille (ConocoPhillips)
Completion Design Evolution for Saltwater Disposal Injection Wells in the Bakken Play
D. Schmidt1, J. W. Bader2, A. Day2, M. Bohrer2 (1Energy & Environmental Research Center; 2Department of Mineral Resources)
New Technology Closes Micro-Annular Flow Paths in the Wellbore, Stopping Downhole Gas from Escaping to the Surface
C. Green, R. Evans, B. Fry, W. S. Wruck (Renegade Services)