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Petrophysics of Unconventional Shale Plays. From Basic Concepts to Latest Techniques

Sunday, 3 December 2023, 9:00 a.m.–5:00 p.m.  |  Buenos Aires, Argentina

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Who Should Attend

The course is designed for petroleum geologists, reservoir engineers, earth sicentists, managers focused on either petroleum exploration or reservoir development.


Attendees will gain an understanding of the complexity of this type of reservoir and provide tools and concepts that allow the interpreter to resolve the main uncertainties of petrophysical characterization including the latest technological advances.       

Course Content

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  • Reservoir heterogeneity characterization from outcrops to lab data and electrical logging.
  • Most relevant unconventional plays of the world. Main characteristics.
  • The petrophysical model. Components and definitions, construction, uncertainties, strengths and weakness.
  • Lab studies: porosity, saturation, mineralogy, organic geochemistry and permeability.
  • Electrical logging response on unconventional shale plays: triple combo, NMR, NMR T1T2, nuclear spectroscopy, spectral GR, dielectric.
  • The effect of maturity on kerogen.
  • Challenges on water saturation calculation.
  • Data integration. Interpretation workflows and core calibration.


Alberto Ortiz

Alberto Ortiz is a geologist graduated from the Universidad Nacional de Córdoba, Argentina in 1999. He worked in large oil and oil services companies (Schlumberger, Total, YPF). He started as a petrophysicist after finishing the Schlumberger's Log Analyst Training School in 2000 (LAT). At the beginning of his career, his activity was concentrated in Argentina and Brazil in the latter, providing support to the petrophysical characterization of both clastic and pre-salt carbonates offshore reservoirs. He was temporarily assigned in Qatar in 2004. In 2011 he joined YPF and two years later he was part of the team dedicated to the unconventional reservoir development project of Vaca Muerta.

During 8 years he actively participated in the evaluation and development of this type of reservoir in a multidisciplinary team, providing technical support & training, publishing technical articles and interacting with the different disciplines involved such as engineering, geomechanics and geophysics between others. He also coordinated research projects with the YPF research center and laboratories outside of Argentina. He was a distinguished speaker for 3 consecutive years for the SPWLA related to the petrophysical evaluation of the Vaca Muerta formation and is the first author of the AAPG Vaca Muerta memoirs. He has recently formed the Net Zero Carbon Solutions company. He is a teacher at universities in Argentina and Colombia and coordinator of the formation evaluation team at Argentinean Congress CONEXPLO 2022.



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Petrophysics of Unconventional Shale Plays. From Basic Concepts to Latest Techniques
Hilton Buenos Aires
Macacha Guemes 351
Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires C1106 BKG