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Latin America URTeC 2023 Sponsorship Opportunities

Sponsor the Fastest Growing Conference in Unconventionals

URTeC is the most relevant, multidisciplinary event for unconventional resource development. URTeC’s unique, integrated and collaborative platform is vital for the continued innovation and advancement of global resource plays.

Benefits of Sponsoring URTeC

  • Investment in the innovation and advancement of our shared unconventional industry
  • Supports geoscientists and engineers from the world’s largest and leading scientific organizations
  • Opportunity to align your company with a high-quality, science technology forum developed by an interdisciplinary program committee
  • Highly visible exposure to scientists and executives seeking solutions for improved fiscal and operational results

Sponsorship Levels

Opportunities for every budget, sponsorship levels allow you the chance to select the best fit for your company.

Sponsor Recognition provided
according to total amount received
Company logo with hyperlink on event website
Company logo with hyperlink on scrolling banner on home page    
Company logo in Program Book
Company logo on PowerPoint slides in Technical Session rooms on-site      
On-site Signage
Complimentary full-conference registrations Five (5) Four (4) Three (3) Two (2) One (1)  
Advertisement in Program Book Full Page Half Page Quarter Page      

Sponsorship Items

Select specific sponsorship items that align with the marketing goals of your business.

Aisle Signage / $20,000 Exclusive

  • Company logo (full color) on all aisle signs inside Exhibition Hall

Attendee Bags / $10,000 Co-Sponsor SOLD

  • Attendee Bag with company logo

Audio Visual / $10,000 Exclusive SOLD

  • Company logo (full color) displayed on signage in Technical Session Rooms
  • Company logo (full color) on individual slide in welcome PowerPoint slides

Conference Program / $35,000 Exclusive SOLD

  • Company logo (full color) placed on front cover
  • Full-Page Advertisement provided prime location placement

Digital Conference Proceedings / $15,000 Exclusive SOLD

  • Company logo (full color) on Table of Contents/landing page with hyperlink to website
  • Opportunity for flash ad with hyperlink

Directional Signage / $15,000 Exclusive

  • Company Logo (full color) displayed on all directional signs/banners throughout event

Exhibit Hall Technical Sessions (Posters) / $6,500 Co-Sponsor (5 of 5 Available)

  • Dominate a large area of the exhibit floor featuring two and a half days of poster presentations on important topics. The URTeC Technical Program includes a range of diverse poster sessions and quality presentations offered in a special area right on the exhibit floor.
  • Company logo (full color) on signage located in poster session area of exhibit hall

Exhibition Co-Working Area / $15,000 Exclusive / $5,000 Co-Sponsor (5 of 5 Available)

  • Company logo (full color) on signage inside co-working area

General Fund / $1,000 minimum

  • We appreciate all contributions made to support and improve URTeC.

Lanyards / $20,000 Exclusive SOLD

  • Company logo (full color) on lanyards provided to all attend

Meeting Wifi / $25,000 Exclusive

  • The URTeC Wifi Sponsorship puts your brand throughout the URTeC venue - in technical session, executive plenary and luncheon rooms, in the exhibition hall and in the hands of event attendees. This opportunity is unmatched for the visibility it gives your, as well as the goodwill it earns you as a sponsor in the eyes of every person involved in the event.
  • Sponsor logo on redirect screen for all Wifi access
  • Sponsor logo and identification as Wifi sponsor in technical, plenary and luncheon session rooms
  • Sponsor logo and identification as Wifi sponsor in exhibition hall

Notepads / $12,000 Exclusive SOLD

  • Company logo (one color) on notepads provided to attendees

Opening Reception / $15,000 Co-Sponsor (3 of 3 Available)

  • Company logo (full color) on signage at designated bar station
  • Opportunity for sponsor to provide cups or koozies at designated bar station

Refreshment Break / $5,000 Co-Sponsor (5 of 5 Available)

  • Table tents with company logo (full color) placed at refreshment stations
  • Company logo (full color) on signage during event inside Exhibit Hall
  • There are 5 Refreshment Breaks throughout the event. This sponsorship is for all 5 breaks.

Registration / $35,000 Exclusive SOLD

  • Company logo (full color) displayed on registration counters
  • Company logo/name included in Registration confirmation emails

Technical Program Speaker Support / $10,000 Exclusive

  • Company logo (full color) on signage inside Speakers Service Center
  • Company logo (full color) placed on Technical Program page of website with hyperlink to company website
  • Company logo (full color) as screensaver on computers inside Speakers Service Center

Technical Session Signage / $10,000 Co-Sponsor (2 of 3 Available)

  • Company logo (full color) displayed on signage outside Technical Session Rooms

Topical Luncheon $10,000 Co-Sponsor / Per Event

  • Company logo (full color) on Welcome signage outside room
  • Company logo (full color) displayed on welcome PowerPoint slides
  • Company logo (full color) on table tents as center pieces
  • Five complimentary tickets to sponsored luncheon

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Exhibition/Sponsorship Sales/Advertising Sales
Sue Ellen Rhine
Companies A-K
+1 918 497 4606
Exhibition/Sponsorship Sales/Advertising Sales
Tracy Thompson
Tracy Thompson
Companies L-Z
+1 918 560 9414
Sales & Registration Coordinator
Tamra Campbell
Tamra Campbell
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