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Thursday, 19 March 2020

Keynote Speaker

Keynote SpeakerGordon Pospisil, Liberty Resources, LLC
Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) The Next Game Changer for Tight Oil Plays



URTeC Workshop: Unconventional EOR: 2020 Perspectives
Start End Schedule
7:00 7:45 Check In / Breakfast
7:45 8:00 Welcome Address
8:00 8:25 Gordon Pospisil, Liberty Resources, LLC: “Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) The Next Game Changer for Tight Oil Plays"
Session 1: Previous Lessons Learned & Reservoir Characterization
8:25 8:50 Mathias Carlsen, Whitson Consulting: “Gas EOR in Tight Unconventionals - Present and Future”
8:50 9:15 Chet Ozgen, NITEC LLC: “Impacts of Water Saturation and Reservoir Connectivity on Cyclic Hydrocarbon Gas Injection (Midland Basin, Wolfcamp)”
9:15 9:40 Chris Barden, Shale IOR LLC: “Evaluation of Eagle Ford Cyclic Gas Injection EOR: Field Results and Economics”
9:40 9:50 Coffee Break
9:50 10:15 Mark Moody, NETL (National Energy Technology Lab)/ University of Wyoming: “Exploring Options to Enhance Oil Recovery From the Utica/Point Pleasant Shale in the Appalachian Basin”
10:15 10:40 Erik Rylander and Ryan Williams, Schlumberger: “Petrophysical Considerations for the Application of Solvent to Improve Recovery in Tight Oil Formations”
10:40 11:05 L. Stephen Melzer, Melzer Consulting: “A Flood Professional's Look at Long Distance Fractures: Their Identification, Their Effects on Injectant Containment, Avoidance and Possible Remediation in Cyclic Injection Projects”
11:05 11:15 Coffee Break
11:15 11:40 Evgeny Chesnokov, University of Houston: “Hydraulic Fracturing: Ideas and Results”
11:40 12:05 Brian Fuller, Sterling Seismic Services: “Using DAS Seismic Data and Rock Mechanics for Reservoir Management”
12:05 1:00 Lunch
Session 2: Fluids – Lab Tests & Field Trials
1:00 1:25 David Schechter, Texas A&M University: “Application of Surfactant Technology for Enhanced Oil Recovery in Unconventional Liquid Reservoirs”
1:25 1:50 Robin Watts, Messer Americas: “Practical Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) for Unconventional Wells and Reservoirs- a Next Generation Huff-and-Puff Treatment Combining Gas with Nanoparticles”
1:50 2:15 Brent Thomas, Stratum Reservoir: “Gas-Cycling Enhanced Oil Recovery in Liquids-Rich Production”
2:15 2:25 Coffee Break
2:25 2:50 Jacob Jin, ULTRecover Corporation: “Fundamentals Behind the Successful Field Pilots of Unconventional EOR in the Permian Basin”
2:50 3:15 Jim Rangel, MadMackenzie: “A Catalyst for Unconventional & a Catalyst for Change”
3:15 3:25 Coffee Break
Session 3: Operations – Monitoring, Tools & Precautions
3:25 3:50 Mark Murray, SageRider, Inc: “Role of Bottom Hole Pressure Data in EOR Evaluation”
3:50 4:15 George King, Viking Engineering: “Avoiding Casing Deformation and Failures During Fracturing and EOR Operations”
4:15 4:40 Warren MacPhail, NCS: “Emerging Systems for EOR Injection Control in Multistage Wells”
4:40 5:05 Colin Wilson, Schlumberger: “Shining a Light on Unconventional Stimulation”
Session 4: Panel Discussion – Defining Value
5:05 5:30 Topics to Cover: Theoretically speaking, what kind of shale rock is suitable for EOR? What worked in the past, where, why? If it failed, what was the main reason? What data and tools are required for success? Which Permian Basin formation to focus efforts on? Midland or Delaware? Why? How to make Unconventional EOR economic? Should industry collaborate?