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Unconventional EOR: 2020 Perspectives

The 2nd Annual URTeC One-Day Workshop will focus on starting the conversation on feasibility of Enhance Oil Recovery (EOR) in Permian Basin shale plays. Unconventional EOR is most likely the next “paradigm shift” that will allow up to 20% recovery versus current 6-10%. Unconventional EOR technology has been studied and field tested since early 2010’s on producing formations in Eagle Ford and Bakken, but still quoted to be in its “embryonic” stage due to poor understanding of geologic and reservoir stimulation drivers. A number of operators, universities, and the US Department of Energy recognized early the upside associated with vast resources left in the ground and have experience to share. CO2 is the most used method, although other methods exists. Multiple challenges are recognized, most eminent of which is the economic factor. DOE extended a tax credit which may help pioneers to start a conversation on the data and technology required to succeed.

This one-day workshop will summarize the knowledge over the past 10-years of unconventional EOR testing, provide examples of laboratory work required to understand rocks, hydrocarbons, oils, water, and biological mass; present existing results of 4D modeling that utilize geological, geophysical, and production data; discuss field tests with huff-and-puff methods; address optimum well spacing and completions needs and upfront full field development plans for optimum results.

The program will conclude with a panel of area experts that will discuss questions such as:

  • What makes Unconventional EOR economic?
  • How to achieve low entry cost?
  • How to make the most from existing acreage?
  • In low oil price environment is it wise joint efforts and utilize Government grants?