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Session 1: Understanding in situ rock properties, “It is in My DNA”

Best practices to evaluate rock properties specific to Midland and Delaware Basins- What part of well performance can be attributed to in situ rock properties?

Session 2: Understanding Stimulation, “I Raised you Right”

Best practices in Permian will be presented. What part of the well performance can be attributed to “nurture” drilling, stimulation, operations/production practices?

Session 3: Issues and Exceptions, “When Things Go Awry”

Session will focus on frac hits, re-frac potential, spacing optimization, optimal water and proppant volumes as well as legal considerations.

Session 4: Managing Field Life Cycle, “Life in a Large Family”

Full Field Development optimization practices: monitoring and development of the field, reservoir modeling for depletion and interaction, feedback loop into business decisions and ROI. How to be a good parent? How to handle a bad child?