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Powder River Basin Production Review from 2011 Through 2018: How Refinements in Completions and Operations Have Led to Increasing Production in the Upper Cretaceous Formations of Campbell and Converse Counties, Wyoming

Jason Kegel, TGS

Mitigation for Fracture Driven Interaction: A Midland Basin Case Study

Yogashri Pradhan, Endeavor Energy Resources

Does Soaking Process After Hydraulic Fracturing Improve Well Performance in Shale Formations? Field Cases
Ahmed Ibrahim, Apache Corporation
Real-Time Target Optimization: Multi-Well Case Study Utilizing While Drilling XRD, XRF, and Mass Spectrometry, Niobrara and Codell Formations, D-J Basin, Colorado

Anne Grau, WPX Energy

Production Boosts from Wettability Alteration: Results from Case Studies

Geoffrey Thyne, Esal

Unlocking the Next Level of Pad Development in the DJ and Delaware Basins: Geoscience-driven multi-bench frac treatment and production optimization

Peter O'Conor, FracGeo

Quantifying Total Apparent Hydraulic Fracture Conductivity and Its Significant Degradation from Systematic Bottom-Hole Pressure Measurements in Permian Wells

Adenike Tokan-Lawal, Shell

A Methodology Using Triple-Combo Well Logs to Quantify In-Place Hydrocarbon Volumes for Inorganic and Organic Elements in Unconventional Reservoirs, Recognizing Differing Reservoir Wetting Characteristics—An Example from the Niobrara of the Denver-Julesburg Basin, Colorado

Michael Holmes, Digital Formation

Modeling Mineralogy and Total Organic Carbon (TOC) from X-Ray Fluorescence (XRF) Elemental Data for Improved Formation Evaluation in the Powder River Basin

Nicole Wagoner, Premier Oilfield Group

High Resolution Fluid Tracking from Verticals and Laterals Using Subsurface DNA Diagnostics

Ryan Reed, Biota Technology

Talks: Applied Analytics, Machine Learning, Big Data (15 minutes each)
Leveraging Cloud-Based Analytics in Active Well Defense Projects

Jessica Iriarte, Well Data Labs

New Breakthroughs in Well Planning and Optimization using Machine Learning

Sunil Garg, DataVedik

Python Package For Depth Shifting With Dynamic Time Warping

Matthew Bauer, 2M Energy

Making Frac Hits History with Computational Physics on the Cloud

David Cotrell, Baker Hughes, a GE company

Optimizing Completions with XRF and Analytics

Bryan Turner, School of Mines

Machine Learning Applied to 3-D Seismic Data from the Denver-Julesburg Basin Improves Stratigraphic Resolution in the Niobrara

Carolan Laudon, Geophysical Insights

Decline Curve Analysis in Unconventional Reservoirs Using a Variable Power Law Model: A Barnett Shale Example

Uchenna Odi, Aramco Services