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Welcome to URTeC-Denver! In this regional, one-day URTeC Workshop, we take URTeC's unique blend of engineering, geoscience, and analytics to discuss what we have learned to bolster production, cut costs, and protect the environment.

Our format is designed for you to learn quickly and to engage in productive discussions. We’ll have quick 15-minute presentations of hot topics and highly-rated papers, as well as audience-engaged panel discussions among experts. You will also receive digital copies of key papers.

Join us and learn about the successes, lessons learned, best practices, and emerging new technologies and analytics.

  • Introductions
  • Talks: Operations & Case Studies
  • Operator's Forum
  • Lunch
  • Talks: Applied Analytics, Machine Learning, Big Data in Real Life
  • New Technology Forum
  • Reception

Who should attend?

  • Engineers
  • geologists
  • geophysicists
  • data scientists