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Sponsor the Fastest Growing Conference in Unconventionals

URTeC is the most relevant, multidisciplinary event for unconventional resource development. URTeC’s unique, integrated and collaborative platform is vital for the continued innovation and advancement of global resource plays.

Benefits of Sponsoring URTeC

  • Investment in the innovation and advancement of our shared unconventional industry
  • Supports geoscientists and engineers from the world’s largest and leading scientific organizations
  • Opportunity to align your company with a high-quality, science technology forum developed by an interdisciplinary program committee
  • Highly visible exposure to scientists and executives seeking solutions for improved fiscal and operational results

Latam URTeC Online Sponsorship Levels

Sponsor benefits DIAMOND
Conference registrations 20 15 8 5 2 1
Items in virtual delegate bag 5 3 2 1 1 1
15-second video projected during breaks X X        
Logo size on sponsor page Large Large Medium Medium Small Small
Sponsor branding
Logo on scrolling banner of URTeC website X X        
Logo on announcement in AAPG Explorer* X X X      
Logo on email blasts sent to registrants X X X X    
Logo on digital announcements sent through social media X X X X    
Logo on welcome slides presented during event X X X X X X
*sponsors must meet established submission guidelines for printed announcements

Sponsorship Items

Registration $15,000 exclusive (Exclusive)

  • Company logo on all registration confirmation emails
  • Company logo on webinar registration page in Zoom platform
  • Company logo on final confirmation emails sent to all registrants
  • Diamond Level recognition

Lunch and Learn Session $10,000 (3 Available)

  • Opportunity to provide special session or virtual field trip during mid-day break
  • Company logo on announcements promoting Lunch and Learn Session
  • Company logo on Zoom confirmations for Lunch and Learn session
  • Emerald Level recognition

Virtual Delegate Bag $10,000 (Exclusive)

  • Company logo displayed on Virtual Delegate bag available to all registered attendees
  • Emerald Level Recognition

Digital Conference Proceedings $10,000 (Exclusive) or $7,500 (Co-Sponsored)

  • Company logo displayed on Digital Conference Proceedings available to all registered attendees
  • Emeral Level Recognition

Additional Opportunities to Support Latam URTeC Online

  • 15-second video during breaks - $ 2,000 (10 Available)
  • Item for Virtual Delegate Bag - $ 1,000 (10 Available)