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Why Exhibit at Latin America URTeC 2020

Be among the first to showcase your company’s products and services in the Latin America Region. Reach scientists and executives seeking solutions for improved fiscal and operational results.

Reserve your exhibit space today to:

  • Cultivate new sales leads
  • Sell and build on your relationships with existing customers
  • Regain lost customers
  • Gain valuable insights and competitive intelligence
  • Increase brand awareness at the industry’s premier event for unconventional teams
  • Launch new technologies and put your brand on display
  • Nurture strategic business relationships
  • Stay current with emerging industry trends
  • Source new suppliers and vendors
  • Meet face-to-face with decision-makers

URTeC Delivers:

  • Targeted, qualified, multi-disciplinary group of prospects connecting on all things unconventional
  • The industry’s premier, peer-reviewed, multi-disciplinary event for unconventional resource development attracting the brightest minds and thought leaders under one roof
  • Unprecedented reach from the combined resources of the world’s leading geoscience and engineering professional societies representing the complete spectrum of unconventional play development
  • High visibility, integrated, cross-discipline platform to showcase products and services to the largest, qualified and most significant network of buyers and developers of new technologies, products, and services
  • Hours of the most cost effective, face-to-face networking time for real life two-way conversations to humanize your brand with existing customers and new prospects
  • Seven years of quantified success across the globe