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Morning Oral Presentations

Operator Case Study of Novel Integration of Machine Learning Techniques and Numerical Simulation to Estimate Child Depletion in the Delaware Basin
E. J. Wolfram*, J. Cassanelli, S. Esmaili, H. Deng, V. Muralidharan, I. Harmawan
Using Machine Learning to Customize Development Unit Spacing for Maximum Acreage Value
M. Maguire*, A. Cui, T. E. Witham, T. Cross
Case Study of Optimizing Oil Recoveries and Parent-Child Relationships in the Gallup Sandstone, San Juan Basin, New Mexico
M. Slowinski*, D. Koenig, J. Rosenthal, D. Hunter, N. Tretheway, N. Li
Core-Calibrated Multi-Mineral Interpretation in Reservoirs with Complex Mineralogy
M. Luycx*, H. Kadir, E. O. Oyewole, B. Wheelock, O. Ijasan, D. McLendon
Petrophysical Modeling to Improve the Understanding of Geothermal Exploration in a Sedimentary Field on Texas Gulf Coast Basin
L. Ortiz Sanguino*, C. Vivas, D. Rehg, D. Knight, S. Perry, A. Bradley, H. Bedle, S. Salehi, S. Marshall
Comprehensive Model for the DFIT-Flowback Test Pumping, Shut-in, Shoked Flowback, and Rebound Behavior
G. Liu*, C. Clarkson, C. Ehlig-Economides
Development of a Universal Physics-Based Resistivity Model for Estimation of Fluid Content in Unconventional and Conventional Reservoirs
S. Dash*, Z. Heidari
Compositional Fractionation of Petroleum Fluids During Migration and Production: A Bakken Case Study with Fourier Transform Ion Cyclotron Resonance (FT-ICR) Mass Spectrometry
Y. Song*
Integrated Formation Evaluation Using Multiple Geochemical Solutions to Optimize Reservoir Description and Evaluate Production Potential from Multiple Targets in the Northern Delaware Basin
B. Cecconi*, P. Franco, R. Galimberti, I. EASOW, C. Ly, J. Speight, T. Passmore
Reliable EUR Prediction Using Geochemistry-Derived Drainage Profiles of 200+ Wells in the Anadarko Basin
J. Bachleda*, G. Norton, W. Kennedy, T. Lv, J. Wu, F. Liu
Multiphase Flowing Material Balance Without Relative Permeability Curves
L. G. Thompson*, B. Ruddick
Robust Uncertainty Quantifications of Fracture Geometries Through Automatic History Matching with Application in Real Shale Gas Fields
Y. Xiao*, C. Liu, W. Yu2, 1, K. Sepehrnoori, C. Zigler
Forecasting Well-to-Well Interference in the Permian Basin by Applying Neural Networks on Pre-run Simulations
Y. Pradhan*, W. Lee, D. Lam, K. Hanna, T. Nguyen, A. Tran
Three-dimensional Fractal Model of Hydraulically Fractured Horizontal Wells in Anisotropic Naturally Fractured Reservoirs
R. M. Mariscal Romero*, R. Camacho-Velázquez
“Not Measured, Not Improved” AGILE 3 Phase Well Flow Measurement and Well Testing Unit
B. Singh, B. Gerrard, D. Reasoner*, E. Vosburgh
Well Completion Performance Analysis in the Vaca Muerta Formation by Leveraging Fractional Dimension RTA Method - Case of Study
A. Lerza*, M. Mamani, J. Acuna, M. Puigdengolas
Pore Pressure Mapping Using Microseismicity and Borehole Data
D. Alexander, L. Eisner*, U. Waheed
Do Moment Tensors Flip During Hydraulic Completions?
A. M. Baig, S. Karimi, B. Witten, A. Booterbaugh*
A Numerical Simulation of Microseismic Depletion Delineation (MDD) for Duverney Oilfield in Canada Using a Fast Approach for a Fully Coupled 3D Quasi-Static Poroelastic Modeling
A. H. Shabelansky*, K. Nihei, G. Fradelizio, S. Tracey, D. Bevc
Natural Fracture Presence Prediction in Unconventional Reservoirs Using Machine Learning and Geostatistical Methods - Workflow and HFTS1 Case
P. C. Eze*, L. Y. Hu
Reduced-Order Models for Wellbore Leakage from Depleted Reservoirs
M. Mehana*, B. Chen, R. Pawar
Machine-Learning-Based Completion Optimization Workflow for Multi-Bench Development in the Midland Basin
J. Park*, T. Wien, K. Smith, C. Nwabuoku, R. Gordillo
A Deep Learning Framework for Multi-Horizon Probabilistic Production Forecasting in Unconventional Reservoirs
R. Thavarajah, H. Darabi*, N. Ruta, A. Salehi, A. kianinejad
Understanding the Spacing, Completions, and Geological Influences on Decline Rates and B Values
D. Niederhut*, A. Cui, C. Macalla, J. Reed
Repeat DAS and DTS Production Logs on a Permanent Fiber Optic Cable for Evaluating Production Changes and Interference with Offset Wells
V. Mahue, E. Jimenez, P. Dawson, K. Trujillo*, R. Hull

Afternoon Oral Presentations

Accelerating Development Optimization in the Bakken Using an Integrated Fracture Diagnostic Pilot
Y. Liang*, H. Meier, K. Srinivasan, H. Tahir, A. Ortega, K. Amalokwu, J. Friedrich, J. Okpala, K. Decker, M. Brown, T. Benish, H. Settles, P. Bhargava, P. Sumant, J. Reavis
Bakken Well Production Interference Test Analysis
M. Kasumov, Y. Liu*, A. Farthing, M. Miranda, A. El Attar
Regional Characterization of Caprock Seals Associated with Flowback Disposal Injection and Hydraulic Fracturing Barriers
F. A. Lozano*, N. P. Rubio, M. F. Segovia, M. Marentes, G. Suarez, N. K. Marfisi
Neogene Aquifers of the Middle Magdalena Valley: A New Frontier for the Use of Undrinkable Water in the Development of Unconventional Resources
J. A. Sáchica*, F. Cardona, M. F. Segovia, J. M. Martinez
Uncovering the Gas Potential of the Paraná Basin, Brazil
P. P. De Lugao*1, 2, B. Kriegshäuser1, 2, E. Corrêa2, 1, A. Menezes, K. Gomes, I. Santos, L. Carvalho, U. Travaglia
A complete Play Analysis of The Gulf Coast Basin Onshore (TX, LA, AR, MS, AL, FL, USA)
P. Chungkham*, J. Roberts
Experimental Evaluation of Huff and Puff EOR Mechanisms in Unconventional Rock
S. Alzobaidi*, P. Kortunov, S. S. Chhatre, A. Chen, K. Guice, K. Baier, M. Messner, J. Leiphart, L. Laverick, R. Longoria, J. Valenza, S. Meier, J. Rainey
Experimental Investigation of Gas Injection Performance with Different Fluid Types
J. Soliz, K. Enab, I. A. Lopez, Y. O. Elmasry*
Investigation of Produced Gas Injection in The Bakken for Enhanced Oil Recovery Considering Well Interference
L. Jin*, B. Kurz, X. Wan, M. Ardali, J. Zhao, J. He, S. Hawthorne, A. Boualam, Y. Yu, D. Morris
Dual Lateral Well Gas Injection Techniques to Improve CO2 Storage and Oil Recovery in Shale Oil Reservoirs
I. A. Lopez, K. Enab, Y. O. Elmasry*
Impact of Flow Regimes, Well Operating Conditions, and Completion Heterogeneity on Producing Gas-Oil Ratio — Implications for Well Performance in Unconventional Reservoirs
D. S. Fulford, H. Behmanesh, C. Clarkson*, T. Blasingame
Quantifying the EUR Impact Associated to Drawdown Management Strategies
A. Terminiello*, P. Crespo
Improving Analytical Flowing Material Balance Workflow Considering Formation Water Production
S. Lim*, V. Muralidharan, S. Esmaili
Numerical RTA Extended to Complex Fracture Systems
M. Carlsen*, C. H. Whitson