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No animals or pets are permitted in the facility except as an approved exhibit, activity or performance requiring the use of animals. Service animals are permitted. URTeC Show Management and Convention Center General Manager must approve exhibit, activity or performance requiring use of animals no later than (30) thirty days prior to the first day of move-in.


Children under the age of 16 will not be allowed in the exhibit hall during setup or teardown. Children 13 and older will be allowed to attend the exhibition during regular exhibition hours if they are properly registered, wearing their badge and accompanied by an adult. During exhibition hours, children under the age of 13 will not be allowed into any activities within the exhibit hall unless they are young enough to be confined to a stroller, backpack or front pack.

Code of Conduct

URTeC is conducted to advance the science of geology, promote technology, and facilitate networking and collaboration between professionals within the world’s geosciences community with the goal of providing an enjoyable and fulfilling experience for all. Accordingly, all attendees, including exhibitors and exhibitor appointed contractors are expected to show respect and courtesy to other attendees throughout the conference and at all conference events, whether officially sponsored by URTeC or not. All attendees are required to conform to Code of Conduct. URTeC’s leadership and staff will enforce this code throughout the event.

Code of Conduct

Concealed and Open Carry Handguns

Possession of Firearms is forbidden in the Facility with the exception of the following: (i) licensed peace officers and licensed honorably retired peace officers, (ii) exhibitors and patrons during duly licensed gun shows and (iii) individuals licensed by the State of Texas to carry concealed handguns.

A “Firearm” is defined as any device designed, made or adapted to expel a projectile through a barrel or cylinder by using the energy generated by an explosion or burning substance or pressurized air or gas or any device readily convertible to the use.

Emergency Access Regulations/Requirements

  • Displays or exhibits must never interfere in any way with access to any required exit, block access to firefighting equipment or interfere with the normal operations of automatic extinguishing equipment.
  • All aisles must maintain 10 feet clear access.
  • No portion of a display shall obstruct any aisle or doorway.

Fire and Safety Regulations

The Houston Fire Marshal requires the adherence to fire safety requirements governing exhibits and displays in places of public or private assembly. All exhibits and displays are subject to inspection.

  • Flammable or volatile materials are prohibited within the Facility unless approved, in advance and in writing, by the fire marshal, and the General Manager.
  • Use of flammable compressed gas cylinders is strictly controlled within the Facility and generally prohibited. Non-flammable compressed gas cylinders must be secured to prevent toppling.
  • All decorations, drapes, signs, banners, table coverings and skirts, carpeting or similar decorative materials used must be flame retardant to the satisfaction of the fire marshal and are subject to inspection and flame testing by the fire marshal.
  • All exhibitors and contractors along with all other personnel shall comply with all federal, state and local fire codes which apply to places of public assembly.
  • Any booths that are completely enclosed must have a smoke detector within the enclosed area that can be heard outside the enclosed area. Multiple story (double-decker) booths must have a smoke detector on the ceiling of the first level.
  • If any enclosed or multiple (double-decker) booth is over 50 feet in length and holds more than 50 people, it must have at least 2 clearly marked exits. These must be approved by the fire marshal at least thirty days (30) prior to event.
  • No portion of the entrances, exits, corridors, passageways, halls, lobbies, stairways, escalators, aisles, driveways, sidewalks, ramps or other common areas shall be obstructed or used for any other purpose than ingress and egress. All doors shall have a clearance of at least ten feet (10’) on both sides with no physical obstructions. All exit doors shall remain unlocked during the event.
  • Storage of any kind behind the drapes or display walls or inside display areas is prohibited. All cartons, crates, containers and packing materials that are necessary for re-packing shall be removed from the show floor. Consideration will be given for the storage of crates outside the facility.
  • The use of all gas fire heating units; either portable or stationary shall meet the approval of the City Plumbing inspector and/or the Fire Marshal.
  • The use of liquefied petroleum gases (LPG) and/or propane and compressed natural gas (CNG) inside the building, tents or other areas is strictly prohibited, except for demonstration purposes when approved by the Fire Marshal. Maximum LPG allowed for exhibition purposes is a 16-oz non-refillable container.
  • All standpipes shall be kept clear and unobstructed at all times.
  • The Fire Marshal must approve the use of welding and cutting equipment for demonstration purposes.
  • Artificial lighting, such as lanterns and candles, etc. requires the approval of the Facility Management and Fire Marshal.
  • Motor vehicles are permitted in the exhibit hall areas strictly for purposes of loading and unloading freight. Unless the vehicle represents an integral part of a display, they may not remain parked in the exhibit halls. Display vehicles must conform to fire codes as they pertain to fuel tanks and battery connections. Display vehicles shall have no more than ¼ tank or five gallons of fuel in the tank, whichever is less. All fuel tanks shall be locked or effectively sealed, and at least one battery cable disconnected from the ignition system.
  • All exhibit vehicle key must be in possession of the Show Manager in case of Emergency.
  • A HFD Vehicle permit is required.
  • No propane cylinders permitted in any indoor exhibits.

If at any time a Fire Marshal deems that the display or actions of any service provider is dangerous to public safety; the service provider shall have the required changes made immediately.

Insurance & Indemnification

  • All exhibitors and Exhibitor Appointed Contractors are required to maintain their own insurance to cover all contingencies, including but not limited to fire, theft, property damage (especially in transit), business interruption, liabilities and worker’s compensation.
  • Exhibitors and Exhibitor Appointed Contractors are required to provide a COI with a minimum of $1,000,000 General Liability. URTeC should be named as an additional insured. 1444 South Boulder Avenue, Tulsa, 74119.
  • Each exhibitor and Exhibitor Appointed Contractor assumes the entire responsibility and liability for losses, damages and claims arising out of exhibitor’s activities on the Convention Center premises and will indemnify, defend and hold harmless Show Management and the George R. Brown Convention Center, their agents, and employees from any and all such losses, damages, and claims.
  • Neither URTeC Show Management nor the George R. Brown Convention Center maintain insurance covering the exhibitor’s or Exhibitor Appointed Contractor property or lost revenue and it is the sole responsibility of the exhibitor to obtain such insurance.
  • Each exhibitor and Exhibitor Appointed Contractor agrees to and shall defend, indemnify and hold harmless URTeC Show Management, the George R. Brown Convention Center and their respective Members, Officers, Directors, Agents and Employees from all costs, liabilities, claims, damages or expenses, including without limitation claims for personal and bodily injury or property damage, arising out of or associated with exhibitor’s use or occupancy of or exhibition in any part of the George R. Brown Convention Center, including without limitation any work done by or any act, neglect or omission of exhibitor or its employees, agents, contractors, and invitees in connection with such use, occupancy, or exhibition.

Upload Exhibitor and Exhibitor Appointed Contractor insurance certificates

Submit Exhibitor Insurance CertificatesSubmit EAC Insurance Certificates


Exhibitors that anticipate selling a tangible product or rent real estate property at the event are responsible for acquiring and shall pay all costs of permits, including health and sales tax permits.

Labor/Exhibitor Work Rules

  • All decorating, display and material handling labor related conventions, trade shows, promotional displays and consumer shows is performed by Freeman, the assigned Official Service Contractor for URTeC.
  • Full time employees of an exhibiting firm or approved Exhibitor Appointed Contractors may install and dismantle their own respective company display.
  • Complete Labor Services and Jurisdictions can be found in the URTeC Service Kit.

URTeC Service Kit

Exhibitor Appointed Contractors (EAC)

Exhibitors must notify Show Management of their intent to hire an EAC to install, dismantle, maintain or provide outside services for their booth using the On-Site Contact and EAC Work Authorization form.

The EAC is required to complete the Exhibitor Appointed Contractor (EAC) Contact and Indemnification Form providing the following details:

  1. The name of the on-site supervisor during Move-in and Move-out.
  2. Valid certificate of Insurance (Requirements for insurance are listed under Insurance/Liability section of this document)
  3. Booth drawings and renderings

Failure to meet these conditions could jeopardize the non-official contractor’s ability to provide service to the Exhibitor.

EAC Work Authorization FormEAC Contact and Indemnification Form

Exhibitor Wrist Bands and Badges

Exhibitor Personnel and Exhibitor Appointed Contractors are required to wear wrist bands during Move-in and Move-out, and badges during show hours.

  1. Wrist bands must be worn by all working personnel who enter the exhibit hall. A different color wrist band will be issued each day. Wrist bands may be picked up at the Security Desk on the dock by the authorized personnel provided through the On-Site Contact and Exhibitor Appointed Contractor form mentioned in the Exhibitor Appointed Contractor section.
  2. Badges are required to be on the exhibition floor during exhibition hours. Pre-registration is recommended, and badges are available at registration desk. Refer to the Exhibitor Registration section of this document for instructions.
  3. The Exhibitor is responsible for obtaining insurance certificates and wrist bands for any non-official supplier who needs to get into the hall for any deliveries, pick-ups, equipment repair, etc.


The GRB offers several parking options.

GRB Parking Maps and Rates

Security Information

Security will be present throughout move-in and during the event. Entrance into the exhibition area is with proper badge and/or wristband during move-in prior to registration opening.

This is an open-booth exhibition and the responsibility for safeguarding the space and property in it is your own. Neither URTeC Show Management or the George R. Brown Convention Center, the security contractor, Freeman or any of their officers, agents or employees assumes any responsibilities for your space or any property inside your exhibit booth.

  • Exhibitor personnel are required to wear a URTeC issued badge and/or wrist band to gain access to the exhibition.
  • No items or equipment – not even boxes or brochures – may be brought in or removed during OPEN exhibition hours while the show is in progress.
  • Additional security can be ordered for your booth, please contact Kay Resources to make arrangements.

Kay Resources Security Order Form

Sound & Noise Regulations and Music Copyright

  • Sound equipment may be used in your booth so long as the noise level does not disrupt the activities of neighboring exhibitors. Speakers and other sound devices should be positioned so as to direct sound into your booth rather than aisles or other exhibits. Sound and noise should not exceed 85 decibels.
  • You should be aware that music played in your booth, whether live or recorded, may be subject to laws governing the use of copyrighted compositions. ASCAP, BMI and SESAC are three authorized licensing organizations that collect copyright fees on behalf of composers and publishers of music. All copyright fees applicable to music or entertainment used as part of an exhibit are the sole responsibility of the exhibitor. The exhibitor must make required payment(s) directly to the applicable copyright agency.
  • Show Management reserves the right to restrict or remove exhibits and/or exhibitors, which in its sole judgment, because of noise, inappropriately attired personnel, or any other reason, are or become objectionable or, which in its sole judgment, may detract from the character of the Convention. Neither URTeC or Show Management, if other than URTeC, or any employee, agent, officer, director, or representative thereof, shall have any liability, whether to any exhibitor or otherwise, as a result of such restriction or removal.

Smoking and Tobacco

In accordance with the City of Houston Ordinance No. 2006-1054, smoking is prohibited at the Facility, with the exception of certain enclosed meeting areas designated by the General Manager, when used for private, invitation-only functions.

The distribution or sale of tobacco products is strictly prohibited in the Facility.