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Morning Presentations

Case Study: Implemented Anionic Slurried Friction Reducer in High-TDS Water Reduces Treating Pressure and Improves Surface Efficiency, Friction Reduction, and the use of Recycled Water
M. Mast1, F. Zamar*2, L. Xu2, J. Ogle2 (1Primexx; 2Halliburton)
Validation of Fracture Height and Density from Rapid Time-Lapse DAS VSP for use in Calculating Stimulated Rock Volume: A Case Study from Hereford Field, Colorado
T. L. Inks1, X. Zhao2, M. E. Willis2, E. Jenner3 (1HighPoint Resources; 2Halliburton; 3Land Seismic Noise Specialists)
Spatiotemporal Gyration from Microseismicity in the Permian Basin
S. Tuttle1, V. Grechka2, I. Jahan*2, Z. Zhang2 (1Rosehill Resources Inc; 2Borehole Seismic LLC)
The Eagle Ford Shale Laboratory: A Field Study of Re-Fracturing, Zipper Fracturing, and Gas-Injection EOR in the Eagle Ford Formation
A. D. Hill1, D. Zhu1, G. Moridis1, J. Correa2, M. D. Zoback3, J. Ajo-Franklin4, J. Renk5, O. Ogunsola6, K. Selvan7 (1Texas A&M University; 2Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory; 3Stanford University; 4Rice University; 5National Energy Technology Laboratory; 6Department of Energy Headquarters; 7Inpex Eagle Ford, LLC)
CO2-fracturing Fluid-Driven Geochemical Alterations at the Shale Matrix-Fracture Interface
S. Sanguinito, P. Cvetic, B. Kutchko, S. Natesakhawat, A. Goodman (National Energy Technology Laboratory)
Non-Uniform Etching — The Key for an Effective Acid Fracturing in Shale: An Experimental Study
W. Wu1, M. Sharma*2 (1-University of Texas at Austin, Now with Apache Corporation; 2University of Texas at Austin)
Synchrotron X-Ray Imaging of Reactive Transport in Unconventional Shales
V. Noel1, W. Fan1, J. Bargar2, J. Druhan1, A. Jew1, Q. Li1, A. Kovscek1, G. Brown1 (1SLAC/Stanford University; 2SLAC)
Fracturing Fluids Effect on Mechanical Properties in Shales
J. C. Acosta, S. T. Dang, C. H. Sondergeld, C. S. Rai, M. Curtis (University of Oklahoma)
Water Saturation - Myth Busted
V. R. Ravi1, T. Dash1, B. Chin2, S. Ali1, M. Ali2, R. Hartanto2 (1W. D. Von Gonten & Co.; 2W. D. Von Gonten Laboratories)
Determining Water Saturation of Permian Basin Tight Oil Reservoirs with a New Interpretation Method for Dielectric Dispersion Measurements
N. V. Seleznev1, T. M. Habashy1, E. Rylander2, J. Gendur2, A. Smith3, A. Makowitz3 (1Schlumberger-Doll Research; 2Schlumberger; 3Tap Rock Resources)
Impact of Capillary Pressure on Total Porosity in Unconventional Shales
F. Cruz1, A. Tinni1, S. Brackeen2, C. Sondergeld1, C. Rai1 (1University of Oklahoma; 2Primexx Operating Corporation)
Geoscience and Engineering Integration Application in one of the Biggest Multi-lateral Pad in Asia for Tight Oil
B. Chen1, F. Ma*2, Y. Li3, H. Yuan3, Z. Li3, W. Zheng2, D. Li3, Y. Wang1, L. Ding1, Y. Wang1, P. Li1 (1PetroChina Changqing Oilfield Company Tight Oil Project Team; 2Schlumberger; 3Shale Oil Project Group,PetroChina Changqing Oilfield Company)
The Canning Basin of Western Australia, Discovering Unconventional Opportunity
J. Moore, R. Hull, V. Shelokov, T. Rudge, J. Shields (Black Mountain Oil and Gas)
Integrated Design of Rigless Cementation and Completion: An Innovative Concept to Develop Unconventional Reservoirs in China and Its Prospect in Middle East
F. Jin1, W. Xi2, Z. Shunyuan2, L. Bingshan2, Y. Guobin2, L. Yangfan2, H. Haochen2 (1CNPC Engineering Technology R&D Company Ltd; 2CNPC Engineering Technology R&D Co. Ltd.)
Three-Dimensional Mechanical Compaction and Chemical Compaction Simulation of Oligocene Sandstone in Xihu Sag, East China Sea Basin
W. Wang, C. Lin, J. Lin, X. Zhang, C. Dong, L. Ren (China University of Petroleum)
First Applications of Novel Microproppant to Achieve Optimal Production and Enhance Hydraulic Fracture Treatment Placement — A Romanian Case History
R. Patrascu1, G. Grubac1, P. Saldungaray2, W. Al-Tailji2, E. Annovi2 (1OMV Petrom; 2CARBO Ceramics)
Integrated Seismological-Geological-Engineered Steering Technology Applied to Horizontal Well Drilling: Practice and Application in Fuling Shale Gas Field, China
P. Liao1, D. Xiong2, S. Zha3 (1Yangtze Normal University; 2Chongqing Environmental Protection Engineering Technology Center for Shale Gas Development; 3Jianghan Oilfield Branch of SINOPEC)
Measurement of Tortuosity in Shales using Nuclear Magnetic Resonance: Application to Huff-n-Puff EOR
S. Dang, S. Mamoudou, S. Mukherjee, C. Sondergeld, C. Rai (University of Oklahoma)
Improved Equation of State Model for Gas Huff-n-Puff EOR Processes in Unconventional Reservoirs
G. Yang, X. Li (University of Kansas)
Molecular Sieving of Hydrocarbon Mixtures through Nano-Porous Memebranes
Z. Liu, E. Ozkan, L. Zerpa, X. Yin (Colorado School of Mines)
A Comparison of Primary Depletion and Gceor in the Montney Formation Volatile Oil and Rich Gas Condensate
F. B. Thomas1, M. Noroozi2, M. Piwowar2, W. Gibb2, J. Marin2, R. Apil2, A. White3, D. Royer3 (1Reservoir Optimization Strategies; 2Stratum Reservoir; 3Pipestone Energy Corp.)
Use of Halloysites to Inhibit Surfactant Adsorption onto Reservoir Rock Surfaces for Improved Oil Recovery
D. Nguyen1, V. John2, O. Ojo2, A. Farinmade2 (1Nalco Champion; 2Tulane University)
An Examination of the Effects of Surface Data Acquisition Methods on Well Performance Evaluations and Completion Optimization
D. Tompkins, M. Kerls, O. Adejare (Revo Testing Technologies)

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Afternoon Presentations

Optimizing MFHW Completion and Fracturing in Shale Formations Utilizing High Frequency ESP Real-Time Data
L. Camilleri1, D. McEwen1, D. Weishoff2, T. Kitchen2 (1Schumberger; 2Kraken Oil & Gas)
Identify Optimal Wellbore Landing Zones in the Wolfcamp Formation - The Southern Midland Basin Case Study
H. Xiong, J. Tackett, A. Thompson, M. Schellstede, J. Gibbins, R. Williams (Unviersity Lands)
Ultra-Fast Modeling for Hydraulic Fracturing and Depletion
E. Dontsov, B. Abell, Y-K. Yang, C. Quinn, R. Suarez-Rivera* (W.D. Von Gonten Laboratory)
Distinguishing Fracture Conductivity and Fracture Flux: A Systematic Investigation of Individual Fracture Contribution to Well Productivity
A. Khanal, R. Weijermars (Texas A&M University)
Well Completion Optimization for Permian Basin Based on Integrated Hydraulic Fracturing and Reservoir Simulation Study
L. Wang, A. Sun (University of Texas at Austin)
Experimental and Numerical Investigation of the Impact of Rock-Fluid Interaction Induced Proppant Embedment on Fracture Conductivity
M. Fan1, Z. Li1, Y. Han2, Y. Teng1, C. Chen1 (1Virginia Tech; 2Aramco Services Company)
The Case for Engineered Completions: A Case Study of the Marcellus Shale Energy and Environmental Lab (MSEEL)
R. Bohn1, M. Rios-Lopez2 (1University of North Dakota; 2Instituto Tecnológico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey)
Numerical Study of Proppant Transport and Distribution along Opened Bedding Planes
J. Xie1, J. Tang*2, S. Sun2, Y. Li3, Y. Song4, X. Zhou4, H. Huang4 (1Petrochina Southwest Oil and Gas Field Company; 2Harvard University; 3Northeast Petroleum University; 4Petrochina Southwest Oil and Gas Field Co.)
New Generation of Ultra-High Definition Directional Propagation Resistivity for Geosteering and Advanced Formation Evaluation
T. Zhang, M. Thiel, K. Sun, D. Omeragic, J. Liu, E. Mirto, Y. Feng, J-M. Denichou, V. K. Wibowo (Schlumberger)
Application of Machine Learning to Nmr Measurements in Determining Fluid Saturation
S. T. Dang, H. Han*, C. Sondergeld, C. Rai (University of Oklahoma)
A New Workflow for Improved Resistivity-Based Water Saturation Assessment in Organic-Rich Mudrocks
A. Posenato Garcia, L. Hernandez, A. Gonzalez, Z. Heidari* (The University of Texas at Austin)
TDS-Tolerant, Low-Damaging, Crosslinked Friction Reducer Fracturing Fluid for Deeper Unconventional Wells
L. Song1, Y. Xiong2, D. Schreckengost1 (1CNPC USA Corp; 2PetroChina Southwest Oil & Gas Field Company)
Impact of Proppant Pumping Schedule on Well Production for Slickwater Fracturing
S. Mao, P. Siddhamshetty, Z. Zhang, W. Yu, T. Chun, K. Wu (Texas A&M University)
Improving CO2-EOR In Shale Reservoirs using Dilute Wettability-Altering Additives
F. Haeri1, L. Burrows1, P. Shah2, D. Tapriyal1, R. Enick1, A. Goodman1 (1National Energy Technology Laboratory; 2University of Pittsburgh)
Effect of Acid Etching on Surface Topography, Mechanical Properties, and Fracture Conductivity in Shale
W. Wu1, M. Sharma2 (1-University of Texas, now with Apache Corporation; 2-University of Texas,)
An Evaluation of Huff and Puff Recovery Efficiency of Immiscible and Miscible Gases by Integrating Core Tests with Nmr and Gc Analysis
R. Kumar, S. J. Ali, A. Mathur (WD Von Gonten)
Evaluation of Cyclic Solvent Injection (‘Huff-n-Puff’) in Artificially-Fractured Shale Core Samples: Experiments and Modeling
C. R. Song, C. Clarkson, H. Hamdi, A. Ghanizadeh (University of Calgary)
EOR in Clay-Hosted Pores: Effects of Brine Salinity, Water Saturation, Pore Surface Chemistry and Pore Width
H. Xiong, D. Devegowda*, P. Huang (University of Oklahoma)
High Pressure-High Temperature NitrogenInteraction with Crude Oil and Its Impact on Asphaltene Deposition in NanoShale Pore Structure: An Experimental Study
M. Elturki (Missouri University of Science and Technology)
Profit Optimization from Fracture Design and Production Estimates
D. Cotrell, T. Hoeink, E. Odusina, S. Ghorpade, E. Bernsen (Baker Hughes)
Modeling Energized and Foam Fracturing Using the Phase Field Method
M. Jammoul, M. Wheeler (University of Texas at Austin)