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Hydraulic Fracturing and Its Effects on Well Integrity

Tuesday, 21 July 2020, 9:00 a.m.–10:45 a.m.  |  Austin, Texas

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9:00 Introductory Remarks
9:05 George King, President, GEK Engineering
9:20 Sergio Cuervo, Geomechanics Specialist Team Leader, Chevron
9:35 Eric R. Davis PE, Global Completions Chief, ConocoPhillips
9:45 Moderated Panel
10:15 Audience Q&A

Well Integrity continues to be a hot topic in unconventionals. This is the second year this panel has been given at URTeC. It was also given at the Hydraulic Fracture Technology Conference (HFTC) in the Woodlands, Texas. This year we bring new discussions to the table, including reservoir effects due to changing geological conditions.

With more years of experience operating in a harsh economic environment, where there has been pressure to do more with less, the risk of compromised well integrity during hydraulic fracturing is always a concern. We will discuss how completion designs are not only impacted by original stress states, but also by sudden and dramatic cuts in CAPEX, and when there are mass layoffs, furloughs, and an exodus of experienced geoscientists and engineers. We will take a close look at the persistent and pervasive problems that occur in virtually all laterals, and discuss the traditional approaches to them, and discuss how things have changed in the compressed, price-constrained environment, and where there have been surprising breakthroughs and innovative approaches to maintaining well integrity during hydraulic fracturing.

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George King
President, GEK Engineering


Sergio Cuervo
Geomechanics Specialist Team Leader, Chevron


Eric R. Davis PE
Global Completions Chief, ConocoPhillips


Hydraulic Fracturing and Its Effects on Well Integrity
Austin, TX
Austin, Texas
United States


Amit Singh
Amit Singh Senior Advisor for Well Stimulation Technologies Chevron