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Are We Effectively Draining from the SRV?

Tuesday, 21 July 2020, 8:00 a.m.–8:40 a.m.  |  Austin, Texas

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  • Faye Liu, Founder and CEO, RevoChem LLC

In the past decade, the industry has made tremendous efforts in the understanding and unraveling of the Stimulated Rock Volume (SRV) generated by hydraulic fracturing application. However, questions still remain regarding the bottom-line uncertainties as to where the hydrocarbons are physically drained or contributed from (i.e., DRV, Drainage Rock Volume). In addition, how does the then-defined drainage change through the production life cycle, and are infill wells in drainage communication? Information from the thousands of naturally occurring compounds in the produced oils holds the key to answer these crucial questions for the oil and gas industry.

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Are We Effectively Draining from the SRV?
Austin, TX
Austin, Texas
United States


Alejandro Lerza
Alejandro Lerza Moderator Chevron, Argentina