The integrated event for unconventional resource teams

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Association for Iron and Steel Technology Association for Iron and Steel Technology American Rock Mechanics Association American Society of Mechanical Engineers American Society of Mechanical Engineers
Society of Petrophysicists and Well Log Analysts The Minerals, Metals and Materials Society Society of Petrophysicists and Well Log Analysts The Minerals, Metals and Materials Society
Novel 3-D Field-scale Characterization of Reservoir Fractures Using Surface Seismic Data by the Double-Beam Method and Field Applications
Y. Zheng, H. Hu
Improving Marcellus Imaging Through the Use of FWI and Joint Tomographic Inversion for Velocity and Epsilon
D. McCann
Microseismic Monitoring of Hydraulic Fracture Propagation With a DAS Array
J. D. King, S. Taylor, D. Kahn, J. Rich, D. Langton, K. Silver
Quantitative Interpretation Efforts in Seismic Reservoir Characterization of Utica-Point Pleasant Shale – A Case Study
S. Chopra, R. K. Sharma, H. Nemati, J. Keay
Estimation of Seismic Attenuation in the Delaware Basin Using Peak Frequencies
M. Drwila, L. Eisner, Z. Jechumtalova, D. Anikiev, R. Keller
Applications of a Novel Hybrid Model for Unconventional Reservoirs
B. Blakey, Y. Jalali, M. Thambynayagam
Impact of Natural Fractures Beyond the Hydraulic Fracture Complexity in Unconventional Reservoirs – A Permian Case Study
P. Pankaj, J. Li
Impact of Cluster Spacing on Infill Completions in the Eagle Ford
S. Evans, J. Magness, S. Siddiqui
Numerical Modeling and Optimization of Mitigating Condensate Banking in the Hydraulic-Fractured Shale Gas Condensate Reservoir in Duvernay Shale Formation, Canada
W. Liu, R. Ganjdanesh, A. Varavei, W. Yu, K. Sepehrnoori
Multiscale Modeling to Evaluate the Mechanisms Controlling CO2-Based Enhanced Oil Recovery and CO2 Storage in the Bakken Formation
J. Torres Rivero, L. Jin, N. Bosshart, L. J. Pekot, J. A. Sorensen, K. Peterson, P. Anderson, S. B. Hawthorne
Integrated Workflow for the Definition of a Type Well Using Probabilistic Methods
D. S. Jones
Production Forecasting for Unconventional Reservoirs – State-of-the-Art
E. Bryan, J. Garcia-Pastrana, A. R. Valdes-Perez, D. Ilk, T. Blasingame
Depth of Investigation for Linear Flow: Theory and Practice
A. Ravikumar, J. Lee
Integrating Model Uncertainties in Probabilistic Decline Curve Analysis for Unconventional Oil Production Forecasting
A. Hong, R. B. Bratvold, L. W. Lake
RTA-Assisted Production Forecasting in Shale Reservoir Development
C. Aniemena
Measurement and Analysis of Wellbore Micro-Losses and Rock Properties While Drilling: A Novel Approach to Identification of Fractures in the Osage and Meramec Formations of Anadarko Basin
B. Chiniwala, A. Palakurthy, I. Easow, E. Russo
Natural Fractures, Fracture Facies, and Their Applications in the Well Completion – Case Studies From the Permian Wolfcamp Formation, Midland Basin, West Texas, USA
B. Li, J. Wan, P. Lascelles, A. Coker
Using MICP as a Screening Tool in Low-Permeability Formations
J. Singh, C. Sondergeld, C. Rai
Automating and Accelerating Mineralogical, Petrophysical, and Microscopic Analyses Using Machine Learning
M. Andrew
Subsurface Biodegradation in a Fractured Basement Reservoir, Shropshire, UK
M. U. Baba, J. Parnell, S. Bowden
Predicting Success in the Haynesville Shale: A Geologic, Completion, and Production Analysis
B. Johnston
Physics-Driven Optimization of Drained Rock Volume for Multistage Fracturing: Field Example From the Wolfcamp Formation, Midland Basin
S. G. Parsegov, K. Nandlal, D. S. Schechter, R. Weijermars
Experimental and Numerical Investigation of Fracture Toughness of Anisotropic Shale
Y. Suo
The Elastic Moduli Change After Carbon Dioxide Flooding Into Limestone: An Experimental Study
Y. Zhang, M. Lebedev, M. Sarmadivaleh, H. Yu, S. Iglauer
A Comparative Study of Pre- and Post- Cyclic Injection Hydraulic Fracturing
S. Goyal, S. Patel, C. Sondergeld, C. Rai
Pulsed Power Plasma Stimulation Technique – Experimental Study on Single Pulse Test for Fractures Initiation
Y. Xiao, W. House, E. Unal, M. Soliman