The integrated event for unconventional resource teams

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Society of Petrophysicists and Well Log Analysts The Minerals, Metals and Materials Society Society of Petrophysicists and Well Log Analysts The Minerals, Metals and Materials Society

Global Competitiveness of the US Tight Oil Cost Curve
R. G. Clarke
The Use of the Bimodal Production Decline Curve for the Analysis of Hydraulically Fractured Shale/Tight Gas Reservoirs
C. Doughty, G. J. Moridis
Hindcasting Production Forecasts in Four Shale Gas Basins Using a Physics-based Approach
F. Male, M. Marder
Montney Versus North America – Completions Comparison
K. Ogilvy, B. Papau, S. Maliki, M. Kwan, S. Kayande
Mapping the Barnett Shale Gas With Probabilistic Physics-Based Decline Curve Models and the Development of a Localized Prior Distribution
R. Wanderley de Holanda, E. Gildin, P. P. Valko
Wolfcamp Geologic Reservoir Modeling Challenges
B. J. Casey1, 2
Additional Applications of Optimal Artificial Lift Strategies in the Permian Basin
Y. U. Pradhan, H. Xiong, J. K. Forrest, J. Zhu
Additional Applications on Determining Optimal Lateral Lengths and Trajectories on University Lands’ Midland and Delaware Basins
Y. U. Pradhan, H. Xiong
Layered Modulus Effect on Fracture Modeling and Height Containment
K. Yue, J. Olson, R. Schultz
Identifying Volcanic Ash Beds in the Lower Austin Chalk and Eagle Ford Reservoirs Using Rock Mechanical Properties
A. Hildick, J. Havens
Compressibility, Porosity, and Permeability of Shales Involving Stress Shock and Loading/Unloading Hysteresis
F. Civan
Using Drone Magnetic and LiDAR Surveys to Locate Unmarked, Abandoned Wells Prior to Unconventional Oil and Gas Development
R. W. Hammack, G. Veloski, J. Sams
Advanced Characterization and Novel Waste Management for Drill Cuttings From Marcellus Shale Energy Development
M. Y. Stuckman1, 2, H. M. Edenborn, C. L. Lopano, J. A. Hakala
Stakeholder Benefit of Automated Assessment of Subsurface Trespass of Federal Hydrocarbon Resources: Optimization of Compensation Audits
K. O. Paradis, R. Weijermars
Estimating Carbon Intensity of Unconventional Plays
D. N. Meehan1, 2